The Start of Maria’s Adventures- or atleast the posting of them.

23 03 2009

It has been quite a bit since I have worked on a website/had a blog/what have you, but as I am leaving the country to go to Australia for a year  (yes my mom is freaking out {but she is getting better} and no I don’t have a job or a boy lined up), I figure I may as well start one back up again.

We will start with the basics –

Name : Maria

Why I am traveling:  I’m basically just retarded and have decided that now is the time to go while I still have the time, energy and resources to do so.

Age:  29  Although I might deduct a few years depending on the ages of the people I am around.  I am not sure how well that will work as an I am a HORRIBLE liar, but the idea of being called a cougar may very well trump my inability to tell an effective lie.

Occupation: TBD… One of the other reasons I am freaking out at the moment.  I am a TOTAL planner, and the fact that I don’t have anything lined up, have no idea really where I want to live in the city, and have no friends is just SLIGHTLY unnerving.  I arrive next Fri (Sept 3rd) So we will see.  My first appt is an orientation with my program so I can hopefully make some sense of all of my next steps.  Merde.

Having fun on a friends beach - July 4, 2010

That’s me.. in a very very basic nutshell… I’m sure there will be a lot more details to come 🙂



One response

2 09 2010

(Hmmm. I thought the comment that I wrote a few minutes ago posted, but it was apparently eaten by a virtual and hungry trapdoor spider, perhaps offended by security and cookie settings. I dunno, so will reconstruct.)

I think you could call the blog “A Year in The Life of Australia” since you’ll leave an impression whereever you go and Australia will never be the same.

I’m still “freaked out” and it may take me a year to get over it! Meanwhile I will try not to think about trapdoor spiders, man-eating crocodiles and gigantic monitor lizards.

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