Day One – Melbourne

3 09 2010

So I have decided to start each blog entry with whatever kernels of knowledge I have learned that day (or should I say during the time between my last blog entry).

Items for today are:

  • There is no such thing as a Burger King in this country, it is officially known as “Hungry Jacks”
  • “You’re Welcome” has been replaced with “It’s alright,” which kind of implies that you have done something wrong. I first heard it when I thanked some dude for helping me carry my luggage and told him how much I appreciate his help. He smirked, said those two fabulous words and I was honestly worried that I had offended him. The next time came when a very friendly lady working at the visitors information office gave me a free map. I realized then that it is just one of the ways that Australian’s reply to “thanks.”

The flight here was not all that bad considering that it was 15 hours long. I was hoping to sit next to some buff, gorgeous Australian guy that would carry my luggage from the airport to the hostel, but the 8 year old girl from Northern Australia sufficed. Rumor (her actual name) is probably one of the most out going people I have EVER met. She had the flight attendants and pretty much everyone next to us paying attention to her jokes, puzzles and coloring. Did I mention she’s EIGHT and traveling ALONE. I was seriously impressed.

After the flight came the two shuttles, the flights of stairs and the numerous people I asked to help me with my 5 million pounds of luggage. One guy on the shuttle laughed, informed me that I could buy things in Melbourne (Thanks Buddy, I didn’t realize that) and then called the guy that helped me unload my stuff after the second shuttle my “slave.” Awesome.. But he was pretty much the only douche bag in a good first day.

I got to hostel, opened my door, and had one of my roommates growl at me (literally) because I turned on the light to see where I should stash my luggage. I’m sorry, it was 11:00am! Although I really shouldn’t be complaining too much because that will probably be me tomorrow.
After the growl though, I decided that I should probably leave the room. So I made friends with one of the guys I pretty much forced *asked* to carry my luggage. His name is Rudy, and he’s here 24 hours before he flies to Manila to visit his family.

Melbourne has a free “tourist” bus that literally screams out “HELLO!! I’M A TOURIST!!” But it is free. We took that around the majority of Melbourne, and ended up on Brunswick street (the bohemian area of the city, or so I have heard) which had delicious lamb kabobs with hot sauce.

Highlights for the day include:

  • Not being overwhelmed at a market place that reminded me of the grand bazaar in Istanbul (although a hell of a lot smaller)… it was closing time, and half the vendors had packed up
  • Not freaking out too much from having to stand in the middle of the street to catch a tram… there is only one tiny little metal pole blocking you from on-coming traffic… not scary AT ALL… not to mention that I’m still used to people driving on the opposite side of the street
  • Still being awake at 7:19pm (which is 2:19am in Seattle), although I am starting to fade fast.

I will try and get my camera out and post some pics tomorrow. Until then my friends.



One response

3 09 2010

again.. WELCOME TO MELBOURNE!!.. lol
YAY!! u survived the first day!!.. “Good on ya mate”<– another aussie slang for ya..
PS: it's kebab dear…
and… therez actually a burger king in melb… hungry jack is aussie version.
🙂 im so excited for yaa…

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