Now, what exactly do I call home?

6 09 2010

Items I have learned today:

Australians like to close their words with “ie” a lot (apparently that is also fairly common through out the UK)
Australian Rules Football = footie
Sunglasses = Sunnies
Breakfast = Brekke (although that is just an “e” rather than an “ie,” but whatever).

Although I do really enjoy this city, it is incredibly stressful with out having job or knowing where I am going to live. Of course, it does not help that everything here is really expensive. I went to their version of Wal-Mart and spent $90 on toiletries.. $90! All I got were basics: lotion, razor, mascara, bobby pins etc. My mascara for example, was a mere $18. Of course, I got home and realized that I had gotten the ELECTRIC BLUE, rather than the normal black I had wanted. Apparently I still think I am living in the 80s.

I am in the process of looking for a place to stay, but as I don’t know the city very well yet, I ended up scheduling “inspections” in places that were about 30 mins outside of the city. MENTAL NOTE: Carlton NORTH is not the same as Carlton, and EAST Brunswick is not the same as Brunswick Street. Sigh. Regardless, I had to cancel them today, once I realized I would probably never make my way back to the city again. I have been so focused on trying to find a place to call home, that I haven’t even BEGAN the job search jet… brilliant, I know.

Orientation with my program was today… though the orientation itself wasn’t exactly the world’s most helpful, (I learned all about renting and driving a car here.. VERY USEFUL for someone like me) the staff at the IEP office were. I managed to get my cell phone, and my bank card today, so that’s a first step in the right direction.

I had my first night out in the city a few days ago, and Melbourne’s “fashion week” just ended yesterday. I use the term fashion week VERY loosely as they had a tent set up outside for a free fashion “show” that consisted of what looked like volunteers attempting to dance down the runway. I think I was most amused by the “photographers” at the end of the “runway.” And of course I didn’t have my camera on me, so I have no way to show off the fabulousness of the free tent. I am sure there were some legitimate events in this so called fashion week, they just obviously were not in the tent on the street with the “dancers.”

I have met two people that are in my program. The first is a girl named Alaina from Atlanta. We actually shared a room my first two nights here. Alaina is lucky in the sense that she has friends of friends that live here, so while I’m frantically trying to find a room to stay that isn’t located in BFE, she is now at a friends house until at least the end of the month. Bryan is from Vancouver, and he went to look at an apartment about 20 minutes after he started apartment hunting. So I seem to be the only one that is screwed here… (yes, I know, I’m sure it will all work out.. but I really wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t freak out a little bit).
Anyway, they are both cool.. and its nice to already know a few people who are in the same situation as I am, and kinda strange that we arrived at the same time (as the program doesn’t book anything for you, you decide when you want to come).

So rewinding now… Alaina invited me to go out with the friends of friends that live here. So I met Charlie, Harry, Meg, Mel, Jeannette and a few more (can we tell how great I am with names, and hopefully I am actually spelling the ones I remember correctly). We went out on Brunswick street (the same place where I had a lamb kebab on the first day). It was actually quite fun, although I’m sticking to ciders from here on out because cocktails are between 8-12 dollars. We started at dinner, and then on to dancing. The first place we went was called 112… And I am not kidding you when I say the people there are SCARY. The men are all older, and the woman look like hookers (I know that’s rude, but seriously…). The music was good, a bunch of 80’s music.. So it was fun to sing along and dance to, but you had to say in a circle with your friends or there was a chance you would be molested (no joke). So we lasted there for about two songs. Then it was off to some place that was playing “soul – a – gogo.” At that point I was exhausted, and not really feeling “funky” so Alaina and I cabbed back to the hostel.

Since then there hasn’t been much else to report. I met a really cool Indian girl named Madhvi at the hostel, but she leaves tomorrow (and no Rashi, she does not replace you).

Anyways, that is my update for now. Again, I will try and post some pics soon.
Lets hope that I can actually find an apt and a job this week as scheduled.

The Beach



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