Home Sweet Home

12 09 2010

Items I have learned:

Australians walk on the opposite side of the street, similar to the way they drive. They also veer to the right when passing someone.. So I literally almost bump into someone about 20 times a day.
Drip coffee does not exist… if you ask for coffee you get an Americano..
Craigslist is not used at all here, it exists but it’s for the birds… gum tree is the apparent website of choice.
The pool tables are lower and the balls are a lot smaller.. Also you have to hit your ball first, and you can NEVER hit the 8 ball unless you are trying to get it in, or else the other team gets to take two shots. Stupid pool.

So, I now have a home. Bryan (the guy from Canada that I met in the hostel) found it, he basically did all the work. He found the ad on gum tree, and made the appointment, all I managed to do was show up 30 minutes late, EXCELLENT way to make a good first impression. It’s a 3 bedroom town house in an area of Melbourne called Carlton. Carlton is the little Italy of Melbourne, all kinds of great restaurants and cafes, it’s also where the University is located. I am a few blocks away from Brunswick Street, which so far is my favorite area of the city, it has a little bit of everything (including a flamenco club!)
My roommates are Bryan, and a guy named Rob (he’s Australian and works as a social researcher. Very nice, laid back guy). Yes, I am living with two guys (who would have thought this day would come), and yes, one of these days I will take pictures. I managed to buy batteries for my camera, but of course they were rechargeable.. And I do not own a charger.

Bryan and I decided to reward ourselves with finding a place to live by eating at the “Dainty Sichuan,” it was covered on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ and was delicious. We ran into Alaina at the IEP office (the program I went through) and she decided to come with. I will probably go back about 20 more times. We were going to go either way, if we didn’t get the apartment it would have been to console ourselves.

Here we are

Daibty Sichuan

Celebratory Meal with Brian

I moved in here last Thurs (Sept 9th) but did not sleep here until Fri, after I went a got a bed (literally from a warehouse an hour out of the city, not exactly the cleanest place in the entire world.. But the bed only cost me $100 bucks and was delivered). Anyway, I asked my roommate Rob on Thursday if there were any spiders in the place, he assured me that there were not. If anyone knows anything about me, they should know that I am TERRIFIED of spiders.. Doesn’t matter if they bite or not, keep them away from me. So, I am thinking I am OK, set up my bed, pull out my book and all of a sudden I see legs out of the corner of my eye. GROSS, I’m getting freaked out just THINKING about it. A spider was literally on my FACE. Granted, it was a daddy long legs.. But whatever, it doesn’t matter. It had 8 legs and it was crawling around by my eye ball… GAGkjagyhsdkjahdjkahsdjkahsjkdsa. Some how I managed to not scream… that is actually quite impressive. I calmly (ok, maybe it wasn’t quite so calm) jerked around, flung my hands in the air, jumped out of bed, threw my pillow on the other side of the bed, ran out of the room and asked Bryan to kill it.. Thank God he was home. He smirked, came in, picked it up in his hand like it was a cute little lady bug, and asked if I would open the door so he could put it outside.. Of course I ran as far away from the door as possible, and stated that there was no way in hell I was getting near that thing. He then opened the door himself and put the damn thing outside. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well that night. I slept at the opposite end of the bed. The first thing I invested in on Saturday was bug spray, and I have coated my room since. I have also moved the bed over to the opposite side of the room.

The job hunt still continues, I went into an employment agency on Friday. They specialize in travelers, the guy I met with said that there are lots of jobs, but not a whole lot of candidates. Lets keep our fingers crossed. In the ideal world I would like to do something challenging, but I am prepared to settle for just about anything… (minus fast food). Everyone think happy thoughts. I would really like to have this job thing “sorted” soon.

The weather here is really strange. There is a saying in Melbourne that truly applies.. If you don’t like the weather at the moment, wait ten minutes. It’s like we have all four seasons in one day.. It will be freezing cold, then rain, then there will be a sun break, then it will get hot, then go back to being freezing cold again. Supposedly it is going to heat up soon… it is spring after all. It is colder here than it is in Seattle (or at least was in Seattle when I left). And apparently there had been a drought for the last 10 years (up until 2 weekends ago), I think I must have brought the rain with me..

Not much else I can think to report at the moment. The weekend has been good so far. Friday I set up my room and then attempted to go out for a bit. Alaina, Bryan and I ate at this really good fish and chips restaurant, I lasted one pub after that and was home and asleep by 11:00pm. Wild and crazy night I know.. I blame the jet lag. Saturday, Bryan and I went to the Queen Victoria Market (similar to Pike Place.. Kinda) and wandered around. I ate a sandwich, bought a coat and people watched basically. They have a whole section that is just meat and produce. It is the most intimidating thing I have seen. First off it’s PACKED (with people walking on the wrong side mind you) and next you have literally every vendor yelling at you to buy from them. But they don’t really speak English, they speak some weird gibberish/discount language that kind of sounds like an auction, and is pretty much almost always being screamed at in your ear. I obviously did not buy any food… Bryan bought two blood oranges.

Saturday night (yesterday) I met up a friend named Kim. I actually met Kim in Seattle, she was in a grad school program with a friend from home. She’s from Melbourne however. I went and played pool with her friends.. Yes I did play pool, but I quit after two games however after I got pissed off that I only got one ball in. After pool, it was off to a pub near by where I was introduced to even more of Kim’s friends. All in all it was a good night, although I have not managed to get motivated to leave the house today. I must say it is a really good feeling however, to have the ability to just lay around at home and be lazy. I can’t complain all that much about sitting around and drinking coffee all day (even if it is Nescafe). It really is quite nice to have a home.
Next… dun dun dun……….. Comes the job.



One response

13 09 2010

I am pretty sure the spider was the one from my car that you loved so much. I had Pam plant him in your purse when you handed Sam off.

So you need to learn to walk on the other side of the street/sidewalk if you want to fit in and get a job. When I was in Sydney they kept muttering “yanks” (and not in a positive way, mind you) when my group would walk by. They got really pissed about it on stairs! 😉

Glad you found a place and have a bed, even if there are spiders in it.

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