What NOT to do in a Job Interview

14 09 2010

——— Side Note ————- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY (Sept 14th is her bday) ————-
And back to your regularly scheduled programming……….

Items I have learned today

-Australian’s are ALWAYS late, no matter what, even if it’s a scheduled appointment
-Security guards wave at EVERYONE leaving their gate, regardless of whether they know them or not (or at least they did today at Gate 7 of the Melbourne Showground)

I had my first interview in Australia today. It was to work at the Royal Melbourne Show (similar to the Puyallup Fair). The woman I talked to on the phone yesterday, had made it seem like the Melbourne Showground was the most confusing place in the entire world, and that I would need ample time to sort it out and find “gate 7.”
She also directly stated that I should NOT be late.

Preparing to have to deal with the world’s most confusing place, in an area outside of the city, on a tram I had a never ridden, I gave myself over an hour to get there. Unfortunately, the tram ride was pretty straight forward and quick, and “gate 7” was only a few meters away from where I was dropped off. I arrived at 3:00pm (with my appointment not scheduled until 4:00pm). I asked a security guard if there was a coffee shop near by. He directed me to the hot dog stand on the fairgrounds. I explained that I was not hungry and I just wanted a place to sit as I was an hour early, he then said there was a shopping center down the way. Fine, a shopping center wasn’t exactly a coffee shop, but it was a lot better than a hot dog stand, so I wandered along.
Apparently a shopping center = a grocery store and a dollar store. Whatever.
I still had 50 minutes to kill so I made my way around slowly. 20 minutes later I decided to walk back to the show grounds. I arrived at the gate at 3:45pm where I called the person I was supposed to meet with. She answered and responded with “Fine, I’ll see you at 4:00pm, thanks bye” VERY polite.

So I stand at the gate with security for wave-appaloosa and wait. 4:00pm rolls by. Then of course typical, over-analytical Maria starts thinking “wait a second, did she say see you at 4:00pm, or see you at gate 4?”
Then I start worrying that I’m at the wrong gate. 4:05pm rolls by. I decide to call (she had after all told me that I should not be late) “Hi It’s Maria, I just wanted to confirm I am supposed to be at Gate 7”
“ (sigh) yes, I’ll be there in a minute, (sigh) bye”
So apparently, arriving early PISSES them off, as well as calling them after they are late.

So 5 more minutes go by and she shows up. She proceeds to say hi and then walks straight to the street to use her phone. This puts me in a fabulous mood, and makes me feel REALLY respected. Next, Matt comes along. Now Matt was/is a really cool, nice guy, but he shows up in shorts, tennis shoes, and with about 10 piercing and tattoos. Now, I am totally at fault for being judgmental, but the first thought that crossed my mind was “This is my competition? Hah!” BAD MARIA.

We go in the for the interview and it basically goes like this:
Interviewer : So Matt and Maria tell me about your relevant experience
Matt: provides the best answer in the world
Maria: provides what she thinks is a good answer
Interviewer: Actually Maria, you are wrong and an idiot. Matt, you are fantastic and I love you.

At one point she actually said to me “Well Maria, I think the one thing you have going for you is that you are American and our company is based out of the US and the UK”

That is pretty much verbatim.
Really? Great. I’m glad I made such a good first impression.
Who cares about my promotional experience, bah, apparently it means nothing. It finally got to the point that I stopped answering her questions and I just agreed with whatever Matt said with a lot of “uh huh” “yeah” and “I agree” ’s.

At the end of it she said she would call us later on about doing a trial. Well surprisingly, I did get a phone call tonight, in which she said “Well Maria, have you had a chance to think it over, are you SURE that you think this is a good fit.” When I replied with “Yes, I think so” she said “You really have NO reservations?”

I honestly felt like she was trying to talk me out of working for her company. When I explained that yes, I was still interested in at least a trial, she scheduled me for one tomorrow. She ended the conversation with “Well you get taxed A LOT because of your age group, so your base pay will be REALLY low. You probably wont really make ANY money. Also wear something comfortable because you will be doing set up, LOTS of manual labor and moving around cabinets tomorrow. I want to make sure to give you some variety!”

Oh, and one last note when we went to hang up the phone, she said “Also, please be sure to let us know if this doesn’t work out, I really don’t want to waste either of our time.”
SIGH. Needless to say, I will respond back to her tomorrow and thank her for the opportunity but say I have decided to pass.

Office work apparently.. Here I come.



2 responses

15 09 2010

Um, what a BITCH! How about a nice letter to her manager?

17 09 2010

Yeah–doesn’t strike me as your type of gig or the kind of person you’d enjoy working for. You’ll find something better!

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