19 09 2010

Items I have learned today

  • There are “Lt” (little) versions of almost every street here. Don’t get confused however, they are two completely different streets.
  • If you are in a smaller intersection, regardless of whether or not you have the right of way, or the light is green for you to go, if there is a car in the intersection, you need to stop and wait for them to wave you through. If you don’t, you are considered an incredibly rude individual. I had another guy who was walking with me, actually stop, sigh, and wave the car through after I had walked across the intersection. He was apparently making up for my rudeness when walking when the green blinking man was telling me to go.
  • Australian’s do not use the word “hella.” Just don’t use it, unless of course you want to hear things like “I HELLA want to cross the street right now” or “you HELLA need to close the door” or “I’m HELLA a gentleman” for the rest of the evening.
  • Bacon is more like Canadian Bacon
  • Ace = really cool

People from home keeping asking what I have seen and done since I have been here. I haven’t really done all that much. Deciding to MOVE somewhere, rather than just go on vacation (or holiday as it’s called here), comes with a COMPLETELY different mindset. I was originally stressed out about finding a place to live, and now that has moved onto finding a job. So the answer to the question of what I’ve done – a whole lot of job hunting and writing cover letters (which I can’t STAND doing).  I absolutely love talking about myself, and how awesome I am, and why everyone and their mom should hire me, so you can imagine just how much fun I have been having recently.

The job hunt is still pretty unsuccessful. Employers seem to like taking their time here. They take a few days to call, and then even longer to let you know if you can come in for an interview, then even longer to get back to you. The Working Holiday Visa limits me, because any job that I am excited about will not consider hiring me as I can only stay with a company for six months. The only people I have really heard back from are the employment agencies. I may or may not have an interview to be an “executive assistant’s assistant.” YEAAAH, pretty much my dream job.  It sounds like collating and photo copying galore, but at this point, I am really hoping that I get a chance to interview because having an income would be absolutely fantastic.

In the morning, I have a meeting with a “promotional” company. There was absolutely no information on their website, and when I re-read the job posting, it said something along the lines of “would you like to make a difference in the community?!!” I’m a little weary of it, as it sounds like I would be standing on the streets with various petitions, trying to get anyone passing me by to sign them. I would basically be one of those people I could not stand while walking the streets of Seattle. Who knows though, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and this will turn out to be the job of a lifetime.  I’m trying to turn over this new leaf called positive thinking.. It’s proving to be a wee bit difficult for cynical, sarcastic Maria but whatever.

Survived my second weekend here. I have found that it has been a lot easier to make friends with guys here than girls, which is the EXACT opposite of me at home. It’s not that I would say that anyone is particularly unfriendly here, it just seems like the girls that I have met (with the exception of Alaina, the girl from Atlanta that was my roommate in the hostel, and of course the FABULOUS KIM LY who I met in Seattle, but will be leaving me here shortly to go and do an internship in Miami) tend to stick to their own group of friends. It will be nice when I have my core group here… I have made some scattered friends here and there, but it will be nice to have the group that meets for brunch or coffee or a daily basis that I see through out city all the time.

I might go on a tour this week. This whole job thing is driving me nuts, so I might just take a break from it for a day and go see the “Great Ocean Road” apparently you get to stop and see Koala’s and other wildlife along the way. I figure it’s about time I start exploring Australia, you know since I am here and all.

That’s all for now.



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