Sickness and Not in Seattle

6 10 2010

Items I have learned today:

  • Shocking = really bad.  It can be used in two ways (i.e. the loss of Saint Kilda in the Grand final part deux, or to describe ones ability at doing something – “I was shocking at it”)
  • Stuffed  = really tired.  I recently saw a facebook post that read “I was supposed to start packing but I was really stuffed!”  It made me all sorts of confused.
  • Cheese here only has two varieties or at least the two that I have seen: “sharp” and “tasty.”  Now I am assuming tasty means mild, but it was quite amusing to watch the commercials ask if you would like “sharp, tasty or EXTRA tasty”
  • They advertise cold/flu medicines to “dry you out”

Being sick anywhere just isn’t fun, especially when you are a gazillion miles from home.  I knew I was having difficulties sleeping, and that usually triggers some sort of reaction in me.   Apparently even though it is technically Spring here, their cold and flu season is very similar to ours at home.   When I started sneezing a few days ago I wasn’t too worried about it, but when the body aches and chills started kicking in I knew I was in store for some FUN!

Now I have only been at my job for just about 2 weeks now, so I really didn’t want to take any time off.. I worked through it Mon and Tues, but by Tuesday afternoon I knew I needed to go home.  I stopped at the “Pharmacy” at lunch and picked up some cold and flu medicine.   That’s the thing, there are these small little drug stores on every street here called Pharmacies, but you can’t just go and grab what would be the equivalent of tylenol cold and flu, you have to go up the pharmacist explain your symptoms, he/she then consults with whoever else is behind the counter and decide if they can and will sell you something.  I mean it wasn’t a huge ordeal, but I’m not positive if I’m going to be buying excedrin at any point soon.

Anyway with my day and night tablets  in hand, I asked if I could leave work early and head home.  I literally slept from the minute I got home to 7:00am today.  I felt better today, but am still a little achy.  I’m hoping after one more nights sleep all will be well.  Sorry for the boring blog update, but I wanted to let you guys know that I am still here.   I haven’t fallen off the face off the earth, I just have been “drying out”



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