Getting into the Routine….

11 10 2010

Items I have learned today

  • I thought all of Australia makes crazy right hand turns, but apparently it’s only in Melb.  Now please keep in mind that I don’t drive, so my description of said turn is going to be some what flawed… but apparently to go right here (keeping in mind that they drive on the left), you go all the way to left and wait until the light changes and then hurry across to the opposite side of the intersection.  Its like you literally have a parked car next to the cross walk.  Apparently its so that Melbourne stays in line with the tram lines.
  • Also..if you walk in the city, then its a rule that you have to walk EXTREMELY slow.  I mean, I would not say that I am a speed walker by any means, but I slow down or somehow try to manage passing someone (by walking on the wrong side of the street mind you) on almost every single f’ing city block I walk.  (sorry, I’m a bit cranky at the moment).
  • Now I have known this one for a bit, I’ve just become so used to it by now it doesn’t phase me, the date is written out the opposite of home (with the day listed before the month).  This is OK when you are writing something like “11 October 2010” but gets just SLIGHTLY confusing when its “11/10/10”
  • At work, you do not say “please let me know if you have any questions,” it is “please let me know if you have any queries”
  • Also, just don’t use the word “huh?”  especially to someone calling out your name EVER.

Sorry for the delay in updates, being sick really takes a lot out of you.  It’s not like updating the blog is this all time-consuming effort, but I would definitely say that one has to be in the mood for it, and when all you want to do is hack your lungs out and sleep then it makes it slightly more difficult.

So life here is becoming rather more routine.  I must say though, that I really love the place.  I am just about one month in, and I’m already thinking about how strange it will be to go home.  It’s not that I don’t love Seattle, it’s just that it’s different here.  It’s sort of like I feel like I have more opportunity to do whatever it is I want to do here, or travel wherever I want.  It’s not like I could not do that at home, but I think that my mind set here is different.  At home I was pretty much focused on what I was going to do next, originally it was career wise, and then it translated to going abroad.  Here I’m more focused on making the most out of the time I have, and seeing as much as I can see. If that makes any sense.  Although I’m kinda failing in that route as all that I have really seen is Melbourne itself and the great ocean road, but whatever there is still 11 more months to go.

I STILL haven’t figured out the coffee here yet.  I am such a Seattle coffee snob!  I remember one of my first days here, Alaina’s old roommate (Charlie) was giving us the “Charlie tour” of Melbourne, and she specifically asked if we knew about the coffee.  I think my exact response was something along the lines of “Duh! I’m FROM Seattle, you know the original HOME of starbucks”  I am such a retard.  Because I don’t understand crap when it comes to how you order coffee here… its usually either “tall/short” which I get fine, but what throws me off is the other ways you order “black” which is NOT drip coffee (as I believe I have previously mentioned) “white” and “flat” and there is more.  I mean WTF is flat coffee? seriously.  One of these days I really do need to grow some balls and just ask someone.

Work is going well.  I only have a few more weeks there.  It’s getting busier, which is good.  I really like the people I work with.  There is Jane, who will bust out in an American accent and tell everyone to “reach for the stars” and then all of sudden feels bad because she suddenly realizes  that she is sitting right next TO the American, and Bella, who’s position I am covering and is on her local’s website (reminds me of paddy’s), and Cris and a few others.  I still can’t get used to this whole “beer o clock” friday thing though.  Not that I am complaining, but apparently every Friday starting at 3:30pm, the company starts drinking. There is beer, wine and champagne in the fridge, and people either go to the break room and hang out, or grab a beer and drink it at their desk.  It just feels so strange! I have only had one beer and that was only because Bella went  and got it for me (Yes, we all know how I have issues).

Other than that, there really isn’t that much to update everyone on.  Life like I said above, is becoming a bit more routine. My room is officially set up, I have to wake up and go to work every morning, I need to plan my next trip somewhere.  I think that will happen after I wrap up this job (should be on Nov 1st).

I will post pictures from Parklife (the music festival that I went to recently) soon.



2 responses

12 10 2010
Jessi Bee

You finally got me curious enough to look up the differences between a “flat white” and a “flat black.” This page was pretty helpful:

And boo to the routine! Get out there, chica! (Now that you’re feeling better, that is.) Maybe a little excursion to Sydney or some other part of Australia? Over to Tasmania? Anyway, start planning something. Just the planning part alone will make you happy. 😛

22 10 2010

Just noticed you have a blog too. You’ve prob figured it out by now but, coffee. I don’t drink it, but I had to make it at Hilton.

Flat white: one (sometimes two) shots of espresso topped up with warm milk. Basically no foam, they are really popular here.

Latte: Flat white but also with foamed milk

Short black: espresso straight

Long Black: hot water topped up with espresso (this is different than americano because it keeps the espresso cream)

This is why I am glad I only drink tea. Tea is tea pretty much where ever you go. 😀

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