17 10 2010

Items I have learned today:

Umbrella’s here are the exact OPPOSITE of how they are at home.  In Seattle, you can clearly identify the tourists by the fact they are pretty much the only ones in the city that carry umbrella’s.   People at home pride themselves on  walking through the rain. Over here, you are obviously not from here if you DON’T own one.  No one that lives in the city is stupid enough to not carry one at ALL times because it pretty much rains through out the day (even if it looks like its sunny…) EVERYDAY.

I swear it rains more here than it does in Seattle.. and normally I love the rain and am not one to complain about, but recently?? not so much. At work on friday I think my exact quote was “it’s supposed to be like this all weekend? this SUCKS”  followed by one of my co-workers asking sarcastically where I was from again.  Blah. But I digress.

So a few weekends ago I went to a music festival here called parklife.  I flew out of Seattle the weekend of bumbershoot (one of the biggest music festivals back home) so I used that fact to justify spending a few hundred dollars on VIP tickets.  Whatever.  So Parklife starts at 11:00am in the morning and goes until about 10:00pm.  There are four different stages with live acts playing on all four simultaneously through out the day.

Alaina and I left at about 1:00pm to head down there. We first had to stop and get phad thai.  I however succeeded in both locking myself out of my house and forgetting my wallet, so we actually ended up at the music festival at around 3:00pm.

I knew all of two (maybe three) people performing.  Our VIP tickets included access to a separate area by one of the stages, so we ended up staying at that stage through out the majority of the day.

The line-up we saw went like this :(if you haven’t heard of them before… tough.. it’s Sunday and I’m entirely too lazy to get too descriptive)

The wombats

streetparty vs. swick

kele (the lead singer from bloc party)

mix master mike (the dj from the beastie boys)

missy elliott (well I guess you could technically say I “saw’ her, it was more like I saw a lot of peoples heads and arms right in front of me)

groove armada (for a second)

and cut copy.

Here are some everyone keeps nagging me to post more pictures (ahem.. amber 🙂  )

the group

the group

the wombats

the wombats



mix master mike

mix master mike

missy elliot

missy elliot

cut copy

cut copy

The one other interesting fact I will leave you all with.  It is fairly normal for guys to get on top of each others shoulders.  I’m  talking big normal size dudes being hoisted up onto one another’s shoulders.   At home, this happens when you are a little kid and cant see over the crowd.. over here, well.. apparently it just happens.

Until next time.





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22 10 2010

Auntie Laurie came over for dinner (fresh Alaskan cod with a sauce of mushrooms, red bell pepper, ginger and lemon over spicy couscous), her birthday cake (Chocolate Grand Marnier featuring Lindt’s Intense Orange Dark chocolate bar in the cake, the fudge filling and the mousse), for Lemon-Lime Jones and … to read your blog. She loved it and, while I was in the kitchen packing her goodies, I heard her laughing several times. She sends her love.

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