Life as I know it.

24 10 2010

Items I have learned:

Apparently my accent is considered “twang”  I have never really considered it country western, but I guess I’m just plain wrong.  When my words get repeated back to me  (which happens on a relatively often basis) it’s almost always in an ridiculously drawn out manner – “Skinny Strong Mocha” apparently sounds like “Skinnner Strrranng Maacha.”  Good times.

Sorted = figured out.  It is used all the time here.

maxi = a long dress.

It is officially my last week of work this week.  Well technically I work the following Monday (Nov 1st), but this week is the last full week. I have gotten so adjusted to working there that it will be really strange to not be there any more.  I need to start calling up the temp agencies and expressing my availability, but I will have two different horse races that week (cup day and oaks day), and I would really like to get out of the city for a few days.  So we will see.  I’m starting to get caught in the “I really need to keep having income and save” vs. “I really want to get out of  the city for a bit and travel.”  Right now, it’s leaning more towards traveling and then trying to find job number two.. but who knows, I’m still a week out, and when I don’t have a paycheck coming in any more that might completely change my mindset.

AND Yes, you did hear correctly.  I will be attending two different horse races in one week.  Which means I will be wearing two different dresses and two different hats.   Maria in a dress?  Twice in one week? (and yes, I am referring to myself in third person) miracles apparently do exist.  I am pretty sure I have sorted out at least one of the dresses, and have a maxi dress from home (my mothers to be exact) that I might wear for race number two, but I still have not completely decided.  And then comes the whole issue of heels…  Oi vey (oh, Australians have never heard that term before either… just fyi).

Anyway, moving on from the fabulous topic of me dressing up. To update everyone on what else I have been up to besides work.  I have made friends with a girl that works for the program (iep) I came through, her name is Jo.  She organized a night out for us all last weekend.  We started off at a mexican restaurant that had um… interesting (i.e. not quite so delicious) “mexican” food, but decent drinks.  You get a sombrero with a purchase of one of them, you know a relatively “small” drink.  Can you guess what I ordered? 🙂 After dinner it was off to an r&b club called “khokolate bar”  The music was great, I loved the group of people I was with, the rest of the people in the place however… I could have probably done with out (with the exception of the dj… hahaha, go figure.  I think I have an addiction).  They ranged between girls who literally looked like they were 14, to guys around 60. Awesome.  But it was still a blast dancing with the group.

Here are a few pics.

taco bills - cinthia, jo and I

taco bills - cinthia, jo and I

no comment - ellie, cinthia and I

no comment - ellie, cinthia and I

the group (minus ali facing the camera)

the group (minus ali facing the camera)

ali, jo and I

ali, jo and I

Other than that, I have gone to a few pubs.. seen a few bands (99% of the bands I have seen have been cover bands, which may or may not have involved me singing along to all of their songs really loud), sang a few kareoke songs, met a few people, you know the usual 🙂

Until next time my friends…





3 responses

25 10 2010

Hey Cowgirl,

I think you have a cultural obligations to share some Americanisms with your new friends. For example, Heee-haw! means I really like it. Don’t try to be all cosmopolitan. Embrace your inner Texan.

Where exactly would you have to go to find the sunshine in

25 10 2010

Hey Cowgirl,

I’m glad to see that you are embracing your inner Texan. One can only hope that you are sharing your charming American vocabulary with your new friends with common terms like Heeee-haw, which of course means I’m really pleased about that. Have you considered producing a Yank to Proper English translation guide? The distribution of such a manual could ease the path of future adventurers.

Where will you have to go to find the sunshine in Oz summer? I hope you will have a few days to pursue it before your next assignment. I’m disappointed to hear that the Seattle weather has followed you across the ocean.

Your story is such fun to follow. You look beautiful and happy, especially in the sombrero.

Love ya, Ursula

27 10 2010

I’m not so sure that your dear mother wants to be associated with a “maxi” dress. Perhaps you could suggest that an “ankle-length dress” is more seeming what with “maxi” bearing a size rather than a length connotation.

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