The possible start of a new chapter

30 10 2010

Items I have learned today

-You are only a true Melburnian if you know how to jay-walk.  All major intersections here basically have two cross walks, one for the traffic going to left (then the tram), then one for traffic going to the right.  It seems that the true test of whether or not you actually live here is if you actually cross the street, and wait in the tram area until you can cross again.  Keeping in mind that it’s a $100 something dollar ticket if you get caught.  Doesn’t matter. Those 3 seconds that you save from not waiting for the light change apparently makes all the difference.  I am very obviously NOT a local.

fussed = stressed or worried about it.

-Additional words that are shortened over here
Arvo = afternoon
Lippy = lipstick or lipgloss
Ciggy = cigarettes (though OF COURSE I don’t smoke… meh)

So the official last day of work is on Monday.  I have one more day left with Hastings Funds Management.   An email was sent out on friday organizing going away drinks for me.  I have only been there 5 weeks, I think all of 10 people on that email list actually knew who I was, but I was flattered none the less, even if I felt a bit silly.   There have been hints of trying to keep me on, but I’m not sure if its possible to have anything actually pan out. So we had a farewell “team” breakfast, and then going drinks that evening.  Because, as I am a fan of saying.. I’m kind of a big deal.

Cassandra, Bella and I

Cassandra, Bella and I

I got a phone call about a 3 month contract position, but I know absolutely NOTHING about the company, except for the fact that they wanted someone to start yesterday.  I am going to the horse races next thursday (with hastings) so I am deliberately not making myself available for work until at the earliest next friday.  So we will see what actually pans out next, and where I end up.  It’s strange that I am not more “fussed” about it, but I think the fact that I was able to save up a bit from this current job helps.  I feel like in the back of my mind I know something is going to work out.  But just wait, give me another week, and if I’m not employed.. I’m sure my next blog entry will go something along the lines of “this sucks! How f’ing hard does it have to be to find some temp work in the damn city”  I absolutely have quite a clean mouth.   Moving on…

I feel like this really wouldn’t be an update on my life over here so far if I did not include one thing… the male species.   The problem about keeping a public blog though is that it is PUBLIC, and said people of the male race could very easily happen to end up reading this thing.  Although I am normally a queen of details, I am not so much a fan of putting myself in a vulnerable position, so I will have to keep this brief.  The people mentioned here may or may not exist, their identities may or may not have been changed, and this represents only Maria Vandenburg’s viewpoint (or at least the one that she is willing to publicly post, and yes.. again  I am referring to myself in third person).

So to break it all down in a nutshell, I have met a few.  It’s strange though because I am really not looking for anything.  How honestly crappy would that be to end up falling in love and then have to go home.  Plus, it’s me.  I don’t do vulnerable, and I don’t do love.  Honestly.  My mother told me before I left that if I just “happened to fall in love and get married”  that I would have to promise her that my husband and I would live in Seattle.  I responded with the fact that she doesn’t really have much too worry about considering I don’t even date.  She responded by saying she wanted to see that in writing.

So the boys I have met here, or should I say men, whatever, its all interchangeable to me, have been fine.  I haven’t really dated considering I don’t do dating (I kind of tend to avoid it like the plague)   I know this is a pretty crappy update, but again lets keep in mind PUBLIC FORUM.  If one of these days I some how get swept off my feet by my prince charming (HIGHLY unlikely) then I may or may not decide to share it on here.  For now I guess the point of this entry or tangent or whatever it is… is that yes, I have met a few people. The end.



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31 10 2010

Darling, the ONE thing that you do not want to do is get swept away by some prince, charming or not, on a beautiful white horse or not. They are worse than Frogs.

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