Temporary (Agency) Woes

11 11 2010

Items I have learned today:

-Customer Service here apparently has a different definition, or at least at a place that I had the pleasure of working with three days this week

-How’d you go = How did you do.  People will also say things like “well, see how you go and…”

-No drama’s = no problem or no worries.  So if you say you have a question, or you did something wrong, that is usually the typical response

Another item I learned this week is that apparently I pretty much suck at balancing out various jobs with multiple temp agencies.  I received a phone call about a job I start tomorrow (with a company called transport and logistics) but only after I had already accepted a 3 day data entry job.  Data Entry… boo.  Anyway, at first transport and logistics had wanted someone to start on Monday of this week, since I had already accepted the three day job, I had to say no.  Then transport and logistics came back and said that they would wait for the end of the week for me to start.  I was thrilled and accepted.  So now insert the 3 month contract from red cross.  This position has been in the works for a few weeks now, but since I had not heard anything else about it, I had assumed they had found someone else to fill the role.  It would have been “the administrative officer for international emergencies”  a position I’m pretty sure that I would have completely and totally LOVED.  Anyway. I think it was maybe 5 mins after I accepted the transport and logistics job (I’m exaggerating a bit, it was the next  day.. but still) I got an email saying that the red cross wanted to meet me, I was the only candidate that that particular agency had forwarded on and that they would love me.  I’m pretty sure that was the email verbatim.  UGH.  Some times I wish my morals were a bit less strong because I felt like I could not go back on my word with transport and logistics because 1. I did not want to burn any bridges with this agency as they were the ones that had found me my previous job at hastings 2.  Transport and Logistics had extended the start date for me.

But it still sucks though!  I don’t even know how long I will be employed with this company.  I am basically there until they are able to hire someone to permanently take on the role.  So I have been told any where between 3 to 6 weeks.  Well, hopefully it will be absolutely AMAZING, and I will love the people and life will be brilliant there.

We will see though, as always I’m a bit skeptical. But I start tomorrow.

Diverting back to the data entry position. The office I worked in was part call center, part order processing.  It is a coin company,  if I had to pick a few words to describe it I would say that it is the Columbia Records House of Coins.  So you send off for one and then you “get” to have one then sent off to you monthly until you call in and cancel.  The initial coins purchased are between 10-50 bucks, and the monthly ones that are sent to you are around 100.  I don’t know if it is because the Australian’s are so laid back or what, but the things that the “customer service reps” (if you can call them that) were saying to them were some times just plain comical.  I can tell you one thing for sure…  it would never have flown in the U.S.

Now let me preface my examples by saying that I actually really liked this girl that I over heard with customers.  One on One she is incredibly sweet, and if I ever had a question she was very helpful.  I’m not sure if it is a cultural thing or what, or maybe she just hated her job on the phones, but here are some of things that I remember her saying

“actually you received that coin AGES ago”

“well, if you were to have actually read the order form you would have seen that the coin was part of a collection”

“uh huh. How i am talking to you is just fine” (which of course was said in a really rude tone of voice)

“I don’t understand why you insist on talking to me about things that don’t matter”

“Can you please try and speak in a normal voice”

and I think the best was….

“I’m going to have disconnect you sir, because you not listening to anything that I am saying”

The customer is pretty much always WRONG here.. or so it seems.

One other thing of note.  The radio was on constantly at this place, as 90% of the people there are entering and processing orders.  Radio here is a bit different than radio at home.  For one thing the afternoon show paid a few thousand dollars to dress up as gorillas and go to the zoo and play with remote control cars.  Um, yeah.  A budget of a few thousand dollars to buy gorilla suits?  Not so much back at home.  We won’t even get into the fact that some of people at the zoo actually thought they were real gorilla’s that could play with remote control cars.  Ahem.  And another note, Hilary Clinton was on the air.   Now I know some of you love Hilary, personally I am not a huge fan, but the fact that she was the special guest on the afternoon show I found quite interesting.  Maybe it was her attempt “to reach popular culture” maybe it was her ridiculously stupid jokes, but all it succeeded in doing for me was annoying me.  But then again, that was more based on her interview itself, than her.  And finally they had a grief counseling segment because one of the main characters here on one of the popular tv shows (called packed in the rafters) was killed off in a car accident in the last episode.  Seriously, a grief counselor?? My goodness, the entire country would have to be on antidepressants if they showed days of our lives or all my children over here.

Moving on. I promise to post pictures of Oaks day soon.  Wish me luck on my first day of job number 3 tomorrow!



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26 06 2011

I know I’m VERY late with this but the customer service comments cracked me up!

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