December… the start of summer?

4 12 2010

Item’s I have learned today:

Voting is compulsary over here.  If you don’t vote, you get a $60 fine.  Granted, it’s not like $60 is THAT expensive.  It’s just the whole concept that I find a bit strange.

Now  I have rarely seen Australians get upset when their political party or what have you does not get elected.  In fact, I rarely ever see/hear them talking politics. Overall it seems like they are not “fussed” about it.  Now if one of their sporting teams loses.. that is a COMPLETELY different story.  And don’t even THINK about making casual conversation/a joke about the loss.

This is not ideal =THIS SUCKS.  It’s really amusing when it’s being said because it sounds so prim and proper.

Thanks for that = thank you.  Thank you is rarely said.

It’s December now, which means that I have been here for three months (strange because it feels like I have been here for maybe 3/4 weeks), and that it’s also the start of summer.  Now, I have still not gotten used to the whole “warm” Christmas concept.  Christmas on the beach?  Seriously?  What about the whole “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas/chestnuts roasting on an open fire/Frosty the snow man/let it snow etc etc etc.  I mean Santa’s attire does not consist of a bathing suit.  It basically does not feel like December to me.. at ALL.  It feels like July.  It honestly feels like I will literally be living through Christmas in July except it won’t be some crappy sale at a retarded furniture store.

Transport and Logistics (the company I am currently working at) has extended the amount of time that I will stay there.  They went through a whole round of 1st and 2nd interviews, and were not able to successfully fill the position.  So I will probably be there until Jan. The people that work there are all really entertaining, and my accent has yet to be made fun of.  Although, Geoff the CEO is a fan of mocking me, like for example telling me that I got a repreive when they asked me to stay.  Of course I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, I thought he said something about being reprimanded, so I responded with my ever-intelligent comment of “Huh?” Good times. I get to do a bit of event coordination in addition to the admin/reception duties so I am finding myself enjoying it, although there never seems to be enough hours in the day there. But, being the type of person that thrives on stress/being busy at all times, I like it.

I finally went to a Shisha place here. It’s over on Lygon street, so I walk past it on a daily basis. It’s named Cupido.  Now our “apple” shisha tasted more like licorice, and there was a belly dancer who pretty much looked like she was constipated the entire time she danced (I’m not saying her moves were bad, she was actually quite good, she just might want to do a little bit of work on the expressions on her face), but other than that.. it was good.  I actually really did have a good time there though.  And being able to sit outside in the sun, smoke and people watch, was pretty fantastic.. I must say.

I have started a semi permanent Friday night ritual with my friend Ali. She bartends at a pub called the Melbourne Lion.  So I have ended up going in to see her after work on friday for the last couple of weeks.  I still have yet to find my local, the lion is a little bit to big of a place to become my paddys (my local back at home) but I still enjoy it.

Here is a picture of us very excited because someone there actually had some American money on them.  Such a novelty I know! But considering we have been around colored or “coloured” Australian money for the last 3 months.. seeing the good ole green bills was kind of refreshing.

ali, maria and american money

I have booked a trip to Sydney for New Years. I will be going with Alaina and Clem (and Clem’s friends).  I’m pretty excited. Sydney is supposed to be incredible for New Years. And although I really do love Melbourne, it will be nice to get out of the city (and yes, I am aware that I am going to another city) for a little bit.

Other than that, there is not much else to report at the moment.

Until next time…



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