Have Yourself a Merry Little….

23 12 2010

Items I have learned today:

It’s strange because I am getting so accustomed to things now that I don’t even realize that they are different from back home… but, here are a few:

“bin it” = recycle something

Chrissy = christmas

mozzies = mosquitoes

The workweek here is 38 hours, rather than 40. Lunch is typically only 30 minutes.

You don’t say the floor you work on it’s the level.  For example the street address of where I work is:  Level 4 / 411 Collins Street (no stalkers please, thanks… hah 🙂  )

There’s two different ways that people type their phone numbers here.

-If it is a landline it is written 03  9604  7200

-However if it is a cell phone (or mobile as they are called here) its 0450 496  831

Weirdos… it’s all still ten digits.. keep it consistent!!

So I am close to wrapping up my assignment at transport and logistics.  I will be there this week, have next week off (to go to Sydney!!), and then return the first week of Jan to train the permanent hire.  I am SOOOO amazing that I am training the new hire (have I mentioned that I have only been there about a month?)  Hah. I kid.  I think it’s just to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks in the transition.  I was told that I “make a fabulous receptionist!” the other day.  I wasn’t quite sure how to take that… the person really did mean it as a compliment.   And, I really shouldn’t be insulted by it.   It’s just that the last job I had when I answered the phones (by choice) was when I was about 16 (no disrespect to receptionists out there.. by any means, I really am not trying to sound like a snob).  It’s strange because it seems like there is such a stereotype with temps here.  If I am actually able to mail something out or make a photo copy it’s pretty much considered amazing.  Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit.. but to go from being challenged back at home.. to answering phones here, and then to be told that I should consider a career path in reception… is kind of an adjustment.

Christmas is in two days.  Australia has two paid public holidays (unless of course you are a contractor then you “get” to take them off UNPAID.. but I digress) Anyway, my point is that they get Christmas (Dec 25th) and Boxing Day (Dec 26th) off.   Since both happen to fall on the weekend this year, next Monday(27th) and Tuesday (28th) are the official holidays.  Now, that seems a bit odd to me.  If you are going to have TWO additional days off right around Christmas, why wouldn’t one of them be Christmas eve?  Again… weirdos 🙂

We had a girls trip to the beach last weekend.  Lisa’s parents (one of the girls that works at the program I came from) have a GORGEOUS house over in Torquay (a surfer town right by the great ocean road), so we took the train down there for a night, and then rented a “cabin” (more like a trailer in actuality… I mean there was a triple bunk bed, that should really have only technically been a normal bunk bed) in Lorne (a town right on the great ocean road) for Saturday.  Friday night we ended up just getting take out and staying at Lisa’s parents place.  Saturday it was up nice and early to catch the bus over to Lorne (just for the record, I literally HATE the mornings).  The bus was at 10:40am.. so we arrived at Lorne at 11:40.  Ali was nice enough to ride the bus with me so I didn’t have to venture out by myself (the other girls drove).  The weather cooperated a bit.. with sun breaks every now and then. Ali and I ended up spending most of the day at the Lorne Hotel. Here is the view:

Rough Day.. I know

Rough Day.. I know

The other girls got there late afternoon, so we went back to the “cabin” to change and hang out for a bit.  Lorne is a really really cute town, and of course the beach is INCREDIBLY beautiful. It was a little strange for me to be at the ocean though.. and be at the opposite end of the pacific..

walking on the beach

walking on the beach

walk to dinner

walk to dinner

We walked back to grab dinner and hang out.  I suppose the walk/view was alright.. hah 🙂  Despite being a weekend of 6 girls (although we seemed to be divided into groups of two at times) in close and condensed quarters, it was overall an….. interesting weekend 🙂

Christmas Eve is tomorrow.  It only finally hit this week that this will be first Christmas away from home.  It’s just really strange to not be spending it with my mother, making latkes (and by making, I mean me sitting out the couch reading a book and having control of the remote, while my mother is in the kitchen cooking away).  But what can you do?  This year is all about making new traditions.

If I don’t manage to update the blog again before Christmas (which in all likelihood, I probably won’t) Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂



3 responses

24 12 2010
Pam Thomas

Merry Christmas Maria!! We miss you! Sam’s doing fine. Getting along a little better with Wednesday, but we still have our moments! 🙂

24 12 2010

I’ve been enjoying your reaction to life abroad, Maria! (Got the link off your FB profile.)

I just wanna point out the reason for the two different ways the Aussies (and Kiwis) write their phone numbers is that, on a landline, the first two numbers can be taken off if you’re making a local call. That’s why they’re separated from the rest of the number. With a mobile, it doesn’t matter how you write it. Also, I’ve almost always had an hour for lunch. 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!

30 12 2010

Actually, I made potato pancakes this year, but not on Christmas Eve.

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