Sydney – Part Deux

6 01 2011

Items I have learned today –

-Upon arrival back to Melb/sharing with the people I work with my new found love of Sydney, I was informed that Sydney’s “where the convicts came from” and that Melbourne’s “full of free thinkers.” YEAH… ok.  Anyway 🙂

-Catch up = meet up, I know it’s said at home.. but it’s really commonly used here.

-Mine = my house

-Yours = your place (I have not heard the word house said.. it’s always something like “well we will go back to mine”  or “im on my way to yours”)

So Diverting Back…

Day 2 Sydney

We arrived back in the city and met Clem, Rani and Sobia’s friend Louise for dinner.  We ended up eating at this fabulous restaurant right in front of the Opera House (which ended up working out surprisingly well for me, as I had two friends from Melb who were at the Opera House Bar).   Louise was great, she is older and from Australia and full of stories.   She made me laugh quite a bit.  She’s the type of woman you would tell not to worry about something (like for example, folding the couch bed back up), who will then not hear you at all, and then 30 seconds later say something like “well I know, why don’t we just not worry about folding the couch bed up!” Brilliant. 🙂 I did enjoy her a lot though, maybe minus the gigantic 3 foot map she brought to dinner to point out where she lived (newcastle) compared to where we were (sydney).  🙂

After dinner I headed about 30 feet away to the Opera bar to catch up with Leena and Lisa. I used to work with both of them back at Hastings (my first temp job in Melbourne), and Leena recently moved to Sydney (I’m pretty sure I’m following in her footsteps in February), Lisa was in Sydney for the New Years.

Leena, Lisa and I - Opera Bar

Leena, Lisa and I - Opera Bar

Day 3 Sydney

The day before New Years.  We got a late start to the day that day.  Clem, Rani, Sobia, John and Louise set off to go see the beach that ‘Home and Away’ is filmed at.  Apparently it’s a HUGE tv show, that everyone LOVES.  I however, have never seen it.  Opting to not be fit in a bag in the trunk to go along for the ride (yes, Louise did actually give me that option) I decided to head to the beach with Lania and Alaina.  After they mapped out their second week of travels (they were continuing on their own adventure after Sydney) we took off to Bondi.

Bondi is BEAUTIFUL.. and I am not just talking about the half naked men that frequent the area (and yes, they’re quite a few beautiful ones too).  It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a beach though.  We attempted to find Alaina’s friends.. who some how managed to give her directions to the opposite end of where they actually were, and then set up camp.

Bondi - ignore my nasty hair.. it needs a cut

Bondi - ignore my nasty hair.. it needs a cut

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

I was only able to stay for a little bit as I was headed back to the city to meet up with friends.  Wiping my drool, oh um… I mean sweat…. aside, I hopped back on a bus and went back to the city.  I learn city’s best by walking.  So I decided to get off near the central train station, and walk from darling harbor over.  Here is one difference between Melbourne and Sydney… Sydney has a Christmas tree that actually LOOKS like a Christmas Tree…

I’m just saying….

I met up with Clem in Darling Harbor and we walked back around to Circular Quay to meet her friend Steve for dinner.  Apparently we took the long route.. and what should have been a 10 min walk.. took about an hour.  I didn’t mind though.. because I loved the scenary.

Clem and I on Darling Harbor

Clem and I on Darling Harbor

John (Clem’s husband) REALLY loved us at that point… almost as much as he loved being the unofficial photographer of the trip (meaning.. NOT at all).

Dinner was good.. although I ate some animals that I wish I would not have (yes, one of the national ones).. we also finalized New Years plans.. well kind of.

Sydney Day 4 – New Years Eve!!

New Years Eve Plan Debate Ensues.  On the one hand is Balmain – where Steve has lived for four years and promises us will be ‘f*ing great’ (his words, not mine… I don’t swear.. ever… 🙂  )  vs. Macquerie Court (I think that’s what it’s called) a gorgeous area right in the city where you are literally right by the fireworks, but unfortunately you have to line up for early in the afternoon to secure your spot.  After a few conversations.. (I was not around for them as I had already pretty much decided on Balmain after hearing Steve rave about it the night before), a verdict was reached… we were all going to be able to spend New Years together (yay)! and we WOULD be able to see the fireworks (double yay!) in Balmain.  So it was a ferry ride and pub crawl over and we ended up at our lookout.  The great part about Balmain was that they shut down the roads to cars at 3:00pm.. so it was crowded, but not overwhelmingly.  We were able to get to our look out spot 15-20 minutes before each set of fireworks (in Sydney there was one at 9:00pm and one at 12:00am) and secure a great spot…

Now I believe I have discussed before my fabulous photographic abilities.. so all pictures I took.. ended up looking like little blobs of color… If you want to see what I saw google “sydney new years 2010.”  It was fantastic.  I think I was most impressed that there were fireworks going off in about 10 different locations at once (off the harbor bridge/opera house/various buildings etc).

Day 5 – Sydney

This was my last full day in Sydney.  Leena ended up moving to a place right on the  beach (literally, you walk outside and the beach is RIGHT across the street), so I decided to make my way to Marouba beach to catch up with her and Helen (another girl that I used to work with).

We hung out at her place.. and then Leena hosted a meal.
After Leena took 4 hours to cook (just kidding Leena, the food was delicious!!) we ate.  Shortly after we called it night, and the next day it was off to brunch and then back to Melbourne.

All in all, I had an AMAZING time in Sydney.. so much so that I am pretty damn (opps I mean.. darn) sure that I am going to be moving there in a month.

Until next time….



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11 01 2011

So I finally subscribed to your blog! It should email me new posts now which will help me keep up with you! Looks like you’re having so much fun. I’m glad. We miss you of course. After reading about your new years, I definitely want to spend one of mine in Sydney. Sounds fantastic!

Much love,


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