Last days in Melb.. First days in Sydney… Or so we think

23 02 2011

Items I have learned today:

-Perving – staring at someone/checking them out

-There is no such thing as junior high.

-Depending on where you are – college is the same thing as HS. So I am careful to say UNIVERSITY to avoid confusion.

-Both private AND public schools have school uniforms, so basically every child in the city strolls around in plaid and a jumper.

-They don’t say a** here its AS – So everything will be “Cute As” “Smart As” “Funny As” personally I find it a little weird AS.

So I have now left Melbourne and moved on to Sydney. As much as I was ready for a change, it was actually really hard to leave Melb as it had really come to feel like home.

I took the train and overnight train out to Sydney last Friday (WAY WAY WAY too much luggage to fly with out having to pay a bizillion fees). I arrived in Sydney Sat morning, spent the weekend basically looking for places to live and managed to find a place Day 3 here. It’s an area called Surry Hills, which is about a 30 minute walk into the city, which was exactly what I wanted. My roommates both seem really cool. The problem? IT’S EXPENSIVE.. It’s more than double what I paid in Melbourne AND I’m still umemployed.. so that’s not really helping the stress levels.

I remember being so excited to start new and begin fresh in a new city… I believe I used the word “empowering” about 5 million times. Granted I am only in day 5 of living here, but at the moment it really actually kind of SUCKS. It’s not that I don’t like Sydney, and it’s great that I have Leena (I friend that I met while working at Hastings in Melbourne), but finding work is proving to be VERY difficult. It’s looking like I might have to accept a lower wage than what I was earning in Melbourne just to have work. It’s really sad how much working/having income affects my stress levels. I have money saved up, I know that I will be fine for a few months, but I really can’t stand spending my savings with out having any type of income coming in. Also, it’s driving me NUTS that I am not considered qualified for half of these positions (which with out trying to sound conceited I pretty much consider myself over-qualified for) because of my Visa! SOO frustrating. And, I was pretty much promised a job prior to coming out here, but now apparently they have decided to hire internally. Can you guys tell I’m a bit frustrated and stressed out?? Maybe in a week I will be talking about how AMAZING Sydney is and how I love it SOO much. But being unemployed and spending my days scouring the internet for jobs that will consider a working holiday visa is not really my idea of a good time. It’s times like this that make me ready to come home (don’t get too excited mother.. I’m not speaking literally).

Anyway, enough on my job level/situation stress. There have been some good parts to Sydney.
For example – Tropfest was this weekend. Trop fest is the “world’s largest short film festival” and apparently they will have a Tropfest Arabia later on this year in Abu Dhabi. Well on my second night here, 150,000 of us gathered in the Domain (a park right out side the royal botanical gardens) in Sydney to watch 18 seven minute videos. There were celebrity judges, Olivia Newton-John and some guy from twilight (I know, I know I should know his name) were there. That was actually fantastic. I loved it, and it was great reminder of the opportunities I will have in Sydney, the chance to really be around the arts.

tropfest - one of the screens and about 0.01% of the audience

tropfest - one of the screens and about 0.01% of the audience

Finding a place so early on is great too. I think it took me a bit longer in Melbourne, and I mainly owed the place I lived in there to my roommate Bryan’s hunting. So thats good. And I have two cats at the new place, one thats a kitten and all white named Spike, and another that reminds me of Sam named Zuro (can you tell I live with guys). So there are quite a few positives, I think I will just feel a lot better once I am employed.

The last days in Melbourne were good too. I went to the St Kilda Music Festival, saw some great groups like Electric Empire (if you don’t know them… check them out!), wrapped up my position at Downer Engineering, threw a going away party for myself, and moved on.

Maria + Sydney = happy??

Maria + Sydney = happy??

I know I will adjust to being here soon.. but right now my overwhelming feeling is stress. I think the fact that the place I live in now is so expensive, and that the job aspects dont seem all that promising is really putting a damper on my abilities to see and experience Sydney. I really need to work on adjusting my mind set…

Anyway, next time folks hopefully I will write to you with a much happier frame of mind, you know all love peace, love, happiness, bubbles and sh*t.

Until then my friends 🙂



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