Nightmare off of Crown Street aka Living with the Psychopath

2 04 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

-I think Sydney bus drivers secretly get a thrill from driving past you and NOT picking you up. Unless you do a full on arm wave at the exact appropriate time, don’t even think they are going to stop for you

-Sydney does not believe in garbage cans apparently.. you are lucky if you can find them once every 2-3 blocks (where as Melb had them pretty much every 20-50 feet)

-The cockroaches FLY here.. I sh*t you not.

-bond = a deposit that you pay when you move into a house/apartment.

So I appologise in the delay in updating this thing, and the amount of swear words I will use in the posting of this particular update. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, not least of all packing my things in approx 1.5 hours (which I think is world record considering the amound of sh*t I brought over here with me) moving to a friends couch for a few days (THANK YOU KEI!!!) and then relocating to Marouba beach (thanks to Shae and Leena!).

I am now safe and sound across the street from Marouba beach in Sydney, but I should divert back to about a week ago when I lived In Surry Hills (about a 20-30 min walk to the city).

So it all started when I moved into a place with two roommates. We will name one Bob and the other John. Now Bob supposedly has “chronic fatigue syndrome.” Apparently his version of chronic fatigue syndrome has the exact opposite effect, meaning he sleeps approximately 4 hours A WEEK, and acts bat sh*t insane the rest of the time. Now when I moved in, I could tell he was slightly odd. Nice, harmless (or so I thought) and slightly odd… oh how my first impression was wrong!

So the first inclination I had that something wasn’t quite right in that tiny little messed up brain of his, was when he decided to start a “charity.” Vodaphone (a mobile phone co over here) had a contest where you when 60,000 for your charity of choice. So he decided that he himself was going to be a charity. So he spent like 1 week completing the paperwork, and shaved (yes SHAVED) what was either the vodaphone logo or some design to represent his “charity” onto HALF of his head. I couldn’t even look at him. Imagine a full grown australian dude, with half a head of hair, and then some f*cked up logo design on the other side. Has everyone seen ‘a beautiful mind’? Our living room pretty much looked like that after his nightly “planning sessions.”

Here’s a few pics:

this was actually one of the cleaner days

this was actually one of the cleaner days

ANYWAY. So I gave him notice at the beginning of Feb that I was going to be moving out in March. I was stupid to not just have him take my march rent out of my bond, and retardedly, I paid for the whole month of March. So Bob, in addition to his ‘chronic fatigue disorder/insomnia’/being his own charity thing…. is also is a hoarder. Our second shared living area was completely filled with all of his piles of Sh*T. We couldn’t even move around in there, because it basically became Bob’s storage area.

Just what a living room should look like - sigh

Just what a living room should look like - sigh

Really comforting yeah?? Totally a place I could call home.

ohhhhhhhhh the luxury

ohhhhhhhhh the luxury

So, its gets even worse. Last week, Bob decided that we needed a new dishwasher. Our current one was working just fine, but whatever. So he’s goes on this website, gets a “free” dishwasher, uninstalls the one we have, and now we have a random dish washer chilling in our living room. In the process of doing that, he f*cked up the kitchen sink and the hot water won’t turn on.
Now, I really don’t think its abnormal to want hot water in the kitchen. On one of those rare occasions were I do actually cook, I want to be able to OHHH i don’t know, wash my hands.. or sanitize the area I’m working in. It’s really not that foreign/ridiculous of a concept. But apparently to Bob, it was ludicrous. “Why couldn’t I just use the dishwasher??” Also apparently asking for it to be fixed was WAY too demanding. Instead of contacting the property managers (like he should have done, and which was what I expected him to do when I noticed that it wasn’t working). He decided to just “fix it” himself. Meaning – he ripped apart our kitchen, tore out the cubboards, ripped apart the pipes, and left a pile of sh*t in the kitchen.

The fixing up of the kitchen

The fixing up of the kitchen

What a good plumber he is!! #annoying

What a good plumber he is!! #annoying

So from here on out, I start to get some what scared of the guy. During the following week, he proceeds to write me ridiculous notes, print out a picture of me rip it up, crinkle it up and throw it down the stairs, inform me that he has become a multi-millionaire and that he would consider giving me my bond back if I sweeped the kitchen. According to him it was all my fault that he destroyed the kitchen, because I was the one that asked that the hot water be fixed.

Long story short – his behavior got worse, so much so that I started packing at noon on a Sunday, and was at my friend Kei’s place by 2:00pm. I got out of there just in time. He left to go to an electronic store to try and get them to ‘donate to his charity’ and I left while he was gone. That evening he apparently went through fits of manical laughter to hysterical sobbing, so much so that my other roommate ‘John’ locked himself in the room and called the cops. The cops and paramedics arrived, and as far know John has been in the hospital since.

After I moved out, I asked Bob again about when I would get the return of my bond. I had to pay $1200 to move in there, he wrote me back with this:

“I have no savings, quite the opposite, in fact. At the start of the year I was in just under $100k of debt. Last Friday, $160k. Sunday, $200k.

Ant’s rent came in 12 days late, meaning I had an eviction notice, and could not sign a new lease.

You wanted the hot water tap in the kitchen fixed. I couldn’t request the landlord fix it, as I was *WAY* behind on rent and not on a lease.

I requested that you use the dishwasher, instead of have me fix the hot water, a number of times.
You insisted that I fix the hot water, so I did, in the process having to rip out half the kitchen. and had to replace the dishwasher.

I asked you to sweep the kitchen, a number of times. You refused. Repeatedly. How am I supposed to rent the room with the kitchen in the state it is?

You said you could not afford the rent, then went out and bought smoked trout from Tetsuyas etc etc. And left it in the fridge to make me feel like shit while having to go to salvos and vinnies to beg for food.

Last week I dropped in and out at least 2-3 times a day, in the hope that the kitchen might have been swept (OK, and to feed spike, before I took him away). Nope.

On sunday night/monday morning, Ant got me committed to the Psych ward at St vincents hospital. I have only just managed to talk my way out of acute care into sub-acute care, which means I have access to a computer.

Also it means my toilet now has a seat and is not made of steel.
And a few other perks. Like access to an open air area, and not *ALL* the furniture in my room is bolted down, just some of it.

I offered you some work, and tried to relieve some of the stress in the house. The reason I have not been able to sleep this month is that I am living in fear of becoming homeless, and losing what little I have less.

You can join my list of creditors, but until you sweep the kitchen like I asked, where is my motivation to help you at all?”

So, I’m pretty much screwed out of $1200, which for someone like me is A LOT of money. I worked very hard to save money aside to be able to come here and travel, and am still putting money away to be able to carry out the rest of my traveling plans.. losing this money pretty much just sucks. And do I really give a flying F what type of toilet seat he has now???? And why the hell are my groceries ANY of his F*ing business. I have filed something at the tribunal (the oz version of small claims court) but the fact of the matter is I don’t think Bob has the $1200 to return it to me.. even though I gave to him little over a month ago.

So anyway, this has been the reasoning behind the neglect of this blog. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, everything is better now.. I’m slowly but surely getting settled into my new place in Marouba, and have a wonderful new roommate Shae, and am working on putting Bob and all of his issues behind me.

Until next time all….



5 responses

3 04 2011
Kristin Bach

OMG Maria! I’m glad you’re okay!!

5 04 2011

Hang in there!! I’m sorry that you had to live through that nightmare and I’m glad you got out of there! At least you have some stories to tell from it… OK, that isn’t really a bright side but you know how I am. 😉 Miss you much!!!

4 04 2011

Wow, that sounds horrendous.

One thing that I thought you should know about (which you might not already) and will help get a bit more money from week to week is the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA). Basically, instead of putting a ton of cash into your supperannuation (which gets taxed at 35% before the government gives it back), you can have more money in your paycheck (and not as much after you leave Aus). Just call the temp agency Geoffrey Nathan to get it arranged, and then tell whichever agency you’re currently working with. That should help get you a bit more in your pocket.

4 04 2011

Yeah, thanks for the heads up Theresa. I am well aware of LAFTA and working with GN (and job capital), unfortunately the agencies I work through in Sydney have so far been a no go with working with them. C’est la vie. I appreciate you making sure I was aware though!

6 04 2011

Ugh. SO sorry to hear! Glad you’re out of there and I hope things get better from here on out.

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