Happy Mothers Day!! A little belated in OZ time

9 05 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

If your mother would like an updated blog entry for mother’s day… you DO IT.

Not really having much to write about at the moment.. I have decided to dedicate this entry to my mother. WELL… that’s technically not true, I can always find something to write about, but it was just mother’s day… and the material my mother provided me with tonight proved to be much more valuable.

I read this email from her on the bus earlier today. I then preceded to look like a crazy person hysterically laughing into my phone… awesome.

I also note that it is currently mothers day back at home.. so TECHNICALLY this entry isn’t late.

While digging through her boxes my mother found a GEM. A journal entitled “Year of Her Words.” The year was in the eighties and the “her” was me at age 2. Here are a few examples of what she captured when I was whiny bratty little two year old living in London.. WITH an English accent mind you.

Mummy and I - I think I was 4? Maybe 5?

Mummy and I – I think I was 4? Maybe 5?

First come’s the three phrases that she gave me to decipher – the worse part about all of this is – I can COMPLETELY picture my 2 year old behavior and attitude – sigh.
1) “I nab it.” Maria’s note- I think that was me announcing that I stole something.
2) “I’ve got a grouch.” Maria’s note – I am not sure if I was saying I was grouchy or itchy or that I hurt myself.. my guess is that I hurt myself, but I will ask my wonderful mother to decipher
3) “Can I play the train?” – Maria’s note – I vaguely remember a train going around in the air somewhere that we used to go to??? If my memory isn’t completely failing me… the train was not allowed to be touched.. and I was asking to play with it.. although I think I might be COMPLETELY WRONG about this one.

The final part was a few of my mothers notes, verbatim (Please remember… I was 2! Don’t judge me for my previous actions!):
1) Maria consistently helps herself to items from the shop shelves — today it was custard cremes. The filling she eats, but not the cookie. In the past she has demanded only crisps and Smarties.
2) Maria likes to ride or push her big car up and down the hallway, and tonight I observed that there was something hanging from under her dress. She had put on a pair of my knickers over her tights, and then insisted that they were hers, both legs in one leghole.
3) “Look where you’re going, Mummy. For Heaven’s sake!” she said as I scattered her Smarties all over the rug. Maria had decided to keep them in a dish ON THE FLOOR.
4) April 1st: I told Maria today, with some conviction and for the first time, that we were going to have a good life. She started jumping up and down with joy and excitement which turned to anger when I did not give her a present to unwrap as she demanded “I want a good life! I want a good life, Mummy! I want a good life.”
5) May 21st: Maria’s vocabulary is growing so rapidly that I can’t believe it. Conversations are the norm now, but she is still heavy on the demands — very bossy. Dinner is accompanied by a constant stream of commands: “Eat your lettuce, Mummy; eat your plums; eat your meat now,” and when I’m finished, inevitably before her, it is “take your plate to the kitchen.”

Luckily I have changed a bit from that horribly bratty child that used to throw tantrums over “iced lollies” (more wonderful stories passed along from my family). So this entry just serves to thank my Mother and all those other wonderful mothers for putting up with our hissy fits, and our tantrums and our demands. You’re Appreciated!! LOVE YOU.

My Mother and I - 2009

My Mother and I – 2009



One response

10 05 2011

From the journal, again, verbatim: 1) “I nab it,” she says, translates I’n ab it –>I’n have it –>means give it to me right now, I’ll have it please. “I want …” is now firmly established as well.

2) “I’ve got a grouch” means an itch.

3) “Can I play the train?” she asked, pointing to the loo handle, meaning “Can I pull the chain?” (It was, literally, a chain hanging over the toilet, and seemingly, she related it to the chain which the driver of the little train in the park pulled to initiate the whistle.)

And one that I forgot to include in the email to you, “Scusting,” said Maria, as she spilled water on the table.

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