How I love the tribunal.. let me count the ways.. minus its enforcement

29 05 2011

Items I have learned today:

Garbo = garbage collector

Midday = noon.. and YES, I know I SHOULD know that.. but I can’t remember anyone telling me that we should meet at midday back at home.

Right-e-o – Australian’s way of saying “yeah, ok.. whatever”

Poo-Towels – toilet paper, a little disgusting I know.

I am now back at my home away from home, Melbourne! I arrived about a week ago (surviving a 12 hour train journey surrounded by a school of 15 kids from country NSW) My first weekend back I managed to sort out where I’m going to be living (Brunswick, yay!) find a new bed, eat some delicious thai food and watch 8 episodes of brothers and sisters with Clem (a good friend from the UK).

Blurry picture of Clem and I at the X-Factor Auditions

Blurry picture of Clem and I at the X-Factor Auditions

There was one final detail I neglected to cover with my last few weeks in Sydney, my court date with the tribunal. My old roommate, who I believe I named ‘John’ for the purposes of this here blog, neglected to show up. Because of that, the tribunal ruled in my favor and ordered John to pay me back the 1200 bucks immediately. HOWEVER, in order to enforce the decision I would have to register it with the civil court (another 78 bucks). From there I could then garnish his “wages” from his bank account, but as he has no income there would have been nothing for me to garnish. This would have brought my losses up to over 1300 (1200 + 35 filing fee for the tribunal + 78 to ‘register’ the decision). It was then explained that I could pay another 75 dollars to have the Sheriff’s office seize and sell anything that ‘John’ might have had (his car for example). But there also remains the wonderful fact that he is going to be evicted, so by the time the court processes all the necessary paperwork, I would have no idea where his car would be located to point the Sherriff’s in the right direction. I couldn’t really picture John volunteering information on where he is located so that the courts can seize his car. So rather than taking a 1375 dollar loss.. I decided to let it all go. I do have a legal ruling in my favor, HOWEVER I do not have the money that is entitled to me. So if any kind soul out there wants to donate 1200 dollars to the Maria needs her bond back fund it would be appreciated!! 🙂 I kid.

On a more positive note, I absolutely LOVE my new place. It’s in Brunswick, and has a really cool feel to it. The main strip here is called Sydney road, and its filled with hookah bars, delicious food and discount stores. I am living in a really nice house with Liz (who is fabulous, I have only been here a few days and I love her already) and Tiger (the cat). The house also has centralized heating.. which is pretty much amazeballs.. It’s unheard of here to have heating.. I was expecting to have to invest in a space heater. We also have a washer and dryer, which is the first time that has happened to me since being in Australia. No more trips to the ‘laundrette’ thank you very much!

I’m back at work at Downer engineering. The only downfall, it’s located in blackburn which makes my commute to and from work about an hour and a half. I have to leave here at 6:30am to get to work by 8:00. and I am NOT a morning person. Coffee has recently become my best friend.

So that’s the latest. I’ve settled back in to life in Melbourne and it all happened within the first week. It’s nice to be back ‘home’ that’s for sure, and strange to think that I only have a few more months before my visa expires.



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