Celebrating the Queen by going to Metung (a fishing village in Victoria)

19 06 2011

Items I have learned today:

-The Australians sure do love the Queen. Even though her birthday was earlier this year, we all have a public holiday in May to celebrate. God save the Queen, I guess or whatever.

-piss in each other’s pockets – means that two people gossip/tell each other everything. It’s said along the lines of “Don’t trust them.. they piss in each other’s pockets!!”

sickies – taking a sick day at work

milk bar – a convenience store/mini-mart. Apparently Australians really love their milk too.

So I’m all settled and sorted back in Melbourne. I’m loving my new place.

Tiger - the cat cuddled in my favorite brown fleece

Tiger - the cat cuddled in my favorite brown fleece

It’s strange, I have been in Australia for just about 9 months now and I’m noticing a difference in the way that I speak/think. I no longer have those crazy “Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually in Australia!” moments. I find my self responding by saying things like “Well, I ‘m not fussed either way” or “I’d be keen to” or “I reckon that.” Things I would never in a million years say back at home. I haven’t resorted to saying “g’day mate’ … yet.

It’s also really weird to think that I only have a few more months left on my visa. It’s up at the beginning of Sept, I can’t believe that my time here is slowly coming to a close. Of course I will always have New Zealand and eventually the east coast/west coast of Australia to look forward to.
Anyway, enough on that for the time being, and back to the Queen.

So given that we had a long weekend, I was invited to go down to Metung with Bella (a girl that I used to work with at Hastings – my first job in Australia) and a group of her friends. Prior to the weekend, I met all of two of them! Metung is a small fishing village in Victoria, it’s about a 4 hour drive from Melbourne.

Bella's "cabin"

Bella's "cabin"

Bella’s place there is AMAZING. It comfortably sleeps over 20 people, and it’s located right on the water. Upstairs there’s 4 or 5 bedrooms, and downstairs there’s a big room with a ton of beds (kinda like a sleeping porch). We arrived late Friday night, and succeeded in pretty much just sitting by the fire tell the wee hours of the morning.
We definitely did not consume alcohol, and draw all over/give a 3 nail manicure to the first person who fell asleep. We were all definitely way more mature than that.. ahem. πŸ™‚



Saturday, the rest of the group arrived. We went into the village and shopped, made dinner and hung out. And by cooking dinner, I mean that I did a great job of sitting by the fire and reading celebrity gossip magazines. Sunday it was off to the village again to have dinner at the local restaurant. The weather didn’t really work out in our favor, as it is winter here now, but with a roaring fire all was made well. Now, Metung is absolutely gorgeous, but it is SOOOO tiny. There was a total of ONE general store, ONE cafe, ONE restaurant, ONE pub… you get the picture. It was beautiful, relaxing and really nice to get away for the weekend and meet some new people, but I can’t say that there is a whole lot to do there.
On the way to the village

On the way to the village

I had a fabulous weekend though, although I felt that I needed another few days to recoup from the weekend away.

View from Bella's place - it's alright I suppose ;p

View from Bella's place - it's alright I suppose ;p

I don’t have much to report at the moment, other then Sam (my cat back at home) has been acting up and basically destroying (and by destroying I mean spraying) all over Pam’s (my fabulous friend who agreed to take him while I was here) house. I will write more in my next post, but he’s pretty much going to have to find a new family 😦 Anyone want to take care of a goregeous ragdoll cat who may or may not spray all over your home?? Sounds appealing right?? sigh. I’m so annoyed with him!
Anyway, that’s all for now.
I’ll update again soon.



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