To Travel or Not to Travel.. that is the question

10 07 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

Tea = dinner. It’s not just morning tea here. I was all sorts of confused when I was asked if “I was going out for tea” at 7pm at night.

It’s a cracker! = It’s something that is REALLY exciting or good.

Give them a bell = call them

So as most of you know, my time in Australia is rapidly coming to a close. I decided about half way into my trip that I wasn’t ready to go back home just quite yet and applied (and received) the work and holiday visa for New Zealand. The current plan is to work in Australia for as long as I possibly can (my visa here is up at the beginning of Sept), go home for the month of Sept, and then go to New Zealand from October on. I was planning on doing my east/west coast Australia traveling while I was on my NZ visa.

a few of the apostles

a few of the apostles

The problem? Well, the engineering firm that I am currently working for is closing the office I am at. When they originally asked me back they stated that they would keep me until my visa is up, and now that is obviously not the case. I know I have a job there for at least a few more weeks, but i don’t know much beyond that. The other issue is that I only have a limited amount of time that I can work here. With my particular visa, I am pretty much limited to only casual/temp jobs, and most office jobs do not last 2-4 weeks. So I am imagining that it is going to be somewhat difficult to find someone that is willing to employ me for just the month of August.

Part of me wants to just say screw it, and do some of the traveling around Australia that has been on my list for FOREVER, but the other part really wants to find work (ANY work pretty much, as I will earn a higher hourly wage here than in New Zealand) and save as much as I can for New Zealand and Tahiti (oh yeah, I have a lay over in Tahiti on my way to NZ in Oct.. pretty sweet). So that is my current dilemna. I’m grateful I have a job at the moment, but still some what annoyed that it is ending a month before I expected it to and unsure about what the hell I am going to do next.

Oh, and my 30th birthday is in August, and I really REALLY wanted to spend it on/near the great barrier reef.. but given the job situation (if I do end up finding some new job) I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible????? I can’t imagine being comfortable asking for a week off after day 2 of the new job. SOOOOOO yeah.
Meh. I really should stop complaining though, because my problems could be so much more worse. It really isn’t a life or death situation in deciding whether or not to travel Australia now, or save up more and travel later. Good times.

Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated folks.



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11 07 2011

Perhaps you could write a song for a didgeridoo? j/k Tonight on PBS Art Wolfe’s Travel to the Edge program, he was in Northern Australia. Thought you might get some travel and photo ideas from his website, which is Art Wolfe dotcom. (Didgeridoo makers were in the program.)

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