My Name is Maria.. and I am a workaholic (kind of)

23 07 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

Those that know me, know that I don’t talk about myself AT ALL… EVER. ahem. Anyways, at work, I may or may not have mentioned that I have a blog, and that I start every entry with new terms that I have learned while living over here. And that may or may not have turned into education-fest 2011.

Here is what my co-workers shared (they all don’t drink.. as you can tell):

Do I need to knock with my knees – The equivalent of asking do I need to bring alcohol. It implies that you are carrying so much in your hands that you need to literally knock with your knees

Slab – a case of beer

Fun tickets/beer tokens = money

Dearest = the most expensive.. like “Haha, I’ll pick the dearest item on the menu!!”

Guys here also tend to say “me” instead of “my” quite a bit. I have heard things like “I can’t find me keys!!” or “f* me life!!” you know, wonderful heartfelt statements along those lines.

AND... I have a problem

AND… I have a problem

So my last entry was about whether or not I take some time off to go traveling, rather than hope and pray for a new short-term job in the next few weeks.
I’m beginning to realize that I don’t really seem to have the ability to NOT work. It’s pretty sad. I actually really struggle with not earning ANY income, and then spending money. If I am in vacation mode, then that is fine. When I have a set amount of time off of work, and am traveling somewhere, I seem have no problems racking up the debt. But LIVING here is a completely different story. As long as I have the ability to work, I seem to want to find it whenever I can and then in turn work as much as I can. I also seem to get angry with myself if I for some reason am not working, and do not have some sort of income coming in. One things for sure, I don’t think I would EVER be happy being some rich stay at home wife… although that would imply that someday I will actually get married, and that’s a whole different can of worms.. but I digress.

The point I am trying to make is that I have decided to work. I am hoping to eventually travel Australia, but not now. I might travel my very last week here, but prior to that my excitement will stay in Melbourne. My 30th is on August 6th, and for that i will probably take a day trip out to Phillip’s Island and see the penguins (yes, actual penguins). Not quite the great barrier reef, but at least it’s SOMETHING.

Downer (the engineering firm I am at) has STILL not told me my end date. Which is good because I still have work, but frustrating because it makes it a bit harder to line up where I will be next (if I can find anywhere next). I have also started to try and make some contact in Seattle so I can work there when I am home in September. Again.. Maria has problems. I should be relaxing and hanging out with friends and family when I am home, but instead I’m trying to figure out if I can temp anywhere for a month!

Meh. Anyway. That’s my update for now. I have a little over 6 weeks left in Australia.. (at least during this visit) and will be spending the majority of it working or looking for work. Oh, the exciting life I lead! 😛



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11 08 2011
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