Final days in the land down under

28 08 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

One year later, and on the exact opposite side of the world I have learned that I HAVE ISSUES. Yes ladies and gentleman it’s true. And that’s about all I am going to cover on that one.

On a lighter note, people don’t say “heart” over it here, its “love heart”

Bike is “push bike”

Bugger off = leave me alone.

Champers = champagne

Trainers = sneakers

Well, it’s finally down to my last few days over here. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it all. Of course it’s going to be hard to leave, Melbourne has really come to feel like home. At the same time, I don’t think it has hit me that I am actually leaving! I think it will take me getting of the plane at SeaTac (Seattle International Airport) before it finally clicks that “hey, I’m no longer in Australia!”

I will leave my next blog entry to cover off on my emotions, and will delve into the events of the last few weeks.

In my last entry I was freaking out about my final temp job at Macquarie Bank. It was a two week assignment to cover an executive assistant that was going on holiday. All I knew going into was that the Australian of the year Simon McKeon worked there, what I did not realize, was that I was going to be directly supporting him! Intimidating much??? Yes, I think so.

It took me about a day or so to get over my nerves. With Simon being the current Australian of the year, Executive Chairman of Macquarie’s Melbourne office, Chairman of the CSIRO and Business for Millennium Development, as well as on the board for pretty much every single charity in Australia (I might be exaggerating a wee bit), his schedule was just SLIGHTLY busy. I think he was in the office all of THREE days in the two weeks that I worked there, and then, of course, in meetings when he was actually present. But all that being said, I was really taken aback by his humbleness, and how approachable he was (not just to me, but to everyone). He went into pretty much every single task not as some high and mighty executive, but as he said in his own words “an ordinary Australian who has been inspired by others.” It was nuts! Even though I was only there a short period of time, it was just really cool to work with someone who had accomplished so much (and continues to do so everyday) but has this amazingly relaxed down to earth air about him. Long story short, I had no reason to freak out, it was a great few weeks. And it was nice to have that position close out my period of employment in Melbourne.

Oh, and the view from the office wasn’t too shabby either.

My last day - with the view

My last day - with the view

My mother had suggested that I ask him to take a picture with me, I felt that would be a bit too awkward (although I doubt Simon would have minded, he probably would have gotten a kick out of it actually), so a picture of me by myself will have to suffice.

The job wrapped up last friday, and I have spent the last few days pretending to take care of things. I did manage to sell my bed, so now I am sleeping on the couch. I have also managed to dump pretty much every article of clothing I own on my bedroom floor in my attempt to “pack” but other than causing Hurricane Maria, not much has actually made it into the suitcase.

I’m spending the next few days trying to catch up with friends and get all of those last minute details taken care of before I head back to Seattle for a month and New Zealand beyond that.

More to come soon.



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