Saying Goodbye to Melbourne

3 09 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

-American change seems ridiculously small compared to the size of Australian change

-bangs = fringe. Hairdressers will literally laugh at you if you ask for bangs.. OHH.. and

-a blow dry = a blow wave and costs a minimum of 30 bucks (unless of course you have an online coupon)

So I have now left Melbourne. I have been back in Seattle for about 3 days now, but it’s weird, it really feels like I am on some sort of holiday and have not really moved away from Melbourne. I feel like at any day now I’m gonna head back to my old house in brunswick, talk with liz, fall asleep with tiger (the cat), roll over her and kick her in the head a couple of times, and get up in the morning to go to work.

But sadly that is not the case. It’s great to be back home, but I miss my old roommate, the friends that I made back there, the street art I used to walk by everyday, and the city itself.

street art argument right by where I lived

street art argument right by where I lived

I some how managed to get all of my five million pounds of crap packed and ready to go by the time I left. I was only able to catch up with a few friends, due the last minute errands that I procrastinated on. Gotta love leaving things to the last minute! Sigh. I guess that means I will just HAVE to go back to Melbourne and visit while I am on my NZ visa.

My last Saturday night there, Liz, her boyfriend Rali and I all went out for dinner and dancing.

Liz, Rali and I in the special VIP area at Crown Casino

Liz, Rali and I in the special VIP area at Crown Casino

Rali’s friend has some membership card that allowed us to go into a special area of crown casino. The actual rooms seemed fairly similar to the rest of the casino, you know with slot machines and what not, but it had a cool outside deck with a fire where the pic was taken.

Liz and I

Liz and I

And on to some dancing....

And on to some dancing....

AND singing... (apparently)

AND singing... (apparently)

The morning I left I was all kinds of stressed out about getting to the airport, and then getting all of my luggage from the international terminal in LAX, going through customs and checking it back into the domestic terminal in the 5 hour lay over I had. All was fine though. I only managed to sleep about 15 minutes on the 15 hour flight, so I literally broke down in tears when I couldn’t see my second 50 pound suitcase on the conveyor belt at LAX. It took the person that worked there all of 5 seconds to locate it for me while I stand there sobbing. AWESOME. I love how cool I am with lack of sleep.
Then I arrive in Seattle, and my two friends (Rashi and Corrie.. thank you again ladies) that come and grab me are about 10 minutes late (due to confusion on which airline I’m on) and I start crying because I freak out about how I’m going to end up living in the airport. They show up and I have f*cking tears in my eyes. NOT AWESOME. First off I don’t really EVER cry, and second off Hello?? Was there really a need a freak out about having to spend the night in the airport? ANNOYING.

Anyway. After they hauled me and my crap up to my moms place and I slept for all of 20 hours and all was well in the world of Maria. There has been no more sob fest, although I am still some what in denial of the fact that I have left Australia.

I have spent the last few days with my mother which has been fantastic, and am off to catch up with friends this weekend and go to bumbershoot (a music festival in Seattle).

So at the moment life is good.. although it is 3:24am.. and I really should be sleeping (ahem.. I mean no mother I slept soundly the WHOLE NIGHT… sigh)

Will update again soon.



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