Temporary Life in the 206 – Seattle

21 09 2011

Item’s I have learned today (or temporarily.. only in Seattle will you see..)

I knew I missed Seattle while I was living abroad, but I really forgot about so many little things that make me feel at home:

Photo Courtesy of Green-Real-Estate.com

Photo Courtesy of Green-Real-Estate.com

-A 70 year old grandma riding a motorcycle with a backpack
-A 50 year old guy singing on the street next to his bicycle covered in sparkly ribbons
-A dude that got annoyed that a bus did not stop for him when he literally had his back to the bus, was standing about 20 feet away and walking the other direction (have I previously mentioned that you have to practically do cartwheels in Sydney to get the bus drivers to stop)
-A Summer concert series in the fall
-People of all ethnic backgrounds gathering to play chess in the city center
-Tributes to the barista at one of the local coffee shops that was killed in a cycling accident a few weeks ago (and the fact that a good many people in my life – including myself – knew and remember him)
Photo Courtesy of  wsdot.wa.gov

Photo Courtesy of wsdot.wa.gov

I have been home for almost 3 weeks now, and I must say that it is really good to be back.
I feel like I will finally get completely adjusted to being here and to the time zone, only to have turn around and go again.

It is now into week three of being back at the Seattle Times (next week will be my last week). I am splitting my time between advertising in the morning and HR in the afternoons. It’s great being back in Advertising as I previously worked there for years, and it’s nice to be able to catch up/work with everyone again. I am also helping out with recruiting in HR. A fact that I was INSANELY nervous about in the first place. I am finding, however, that I am really liking it over there. It’s not only great experience, but it’s surprisingly really neat to be on the exact OPPOSITE side of the interview cycle. Now, if I only I can eliminate the use of the word “um” from my vocabulary I should be all set.

It’s been a busy few weeks though. I have managed to attend my favorite music festival (Bumbershoot – I might have a bias though, as I both interned and worked for one reel during my UW days), see two of my favorite local hip hop stars – Macklemore and The Blue Scholars – catch up with multiple friends (although, definitely not everyone), celebrate my mothers birthday, go to a family reunion, and get sick all while working 40 hours a week. Not much of a relaxing time at home, but even still, I probably wouldn’t want it any other way.
Here I am spending some quality time with the advertising work folk.

David, Rhienn, George and I

David, Rhienn, George and I

Shannon, Kirstin, CJ, Kandie, Jessi, Michael, Rhienn and I

Shannon, Kirstin, CJ, Kandie, Jessi, Michael, Rhienn and I

It’s strange to believe that I only have a few more weeks left, even stranger how seamlessly it was to settle back into life in the 206.



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