Goodbye Seattle, Hello Tahiti!

10 10 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

There are so many little things that remind me of how much Seattle is home like:

  • Seeing the same real change person (and I do mean PERSON he may be a he or she or a he/she) on Broadway
  • Running into Junior on the bus (a homeless dude that everyone’s friends with in the U-district)
  • Seeing the tattoed guy smoking a cigarette and reading a newspaper in front of Holy Smoke on East Olive
  • Having Carlow, Paddy Coyne’s dog, completely ignore my existance
  • Walking around with gray skies, listening to music and enjoying the rain falling directly on my face
  • The amusing hand drawn advertisements at city market. They advertise their corn dogs, change daily and never cease to make me smile
  • Having 2 or 3 starbucks on pretty much EVERY single city block be completely full, even though the majority of Seattleites claim to hate it
  • flannel, lots of flannel
  • Never getting sick of the view as I come into town
  • It was a good six weeks at home, and strange to believe that I have wrapped it all up now. I stayed with my mother, which actually ended up being really great for both of us. It allowed me to spend a substantial amount of time with her, yet still have some time to see my friends. We also didn’t end up murdering each other.. which is pretty amazing for the two of us.

    I finished working at the Seattle Times a week before I left, I figured that would give me enough time to take care of all the additional things I needed to do and people I needed to see. Did it? Not really. I did manage to pack through, so I guess that is some what of a success.

    My last day in Seattle I spent with two of my closest friends, Corrie and Rashi. Now in retrospect, I probably would have murdered them if they hadn’t spent time with me, but they also managed to get me sick. Flying across the world while you are stuffed up is NOT FUN. When ever the plane goes up or down, so does your pain. I literally felt like my ears were going to blow up and that my teeth were going to fall out. BUT, when I landed, I was in Tahiti, so that helped to ease the pain a little bit.

    Arrival in Tahiti - Papeete

    Arrival in Tahiti - Papeete

    I had my first day here all to myself (Liz my roommate from Australia flew over at the end of day one). Having the time alone was probably a blessing in disguise because literally all I did was sleep. My flight arrived at 5am, and I got to our hotel by 7am. When I checked in at the front desk, the staff said they couldn’t guarantee me an early check in, that they would try and have the room ready by 2:00pm. NOT what a sickly little Maria wants to hear. I then asked if there was a place to get flu meds anywhere near by and one of the ladies that worked at reception, Nita, offered to drive me down the street as she had to go to post office.
    I gratefully accepted.

    Once I got to the pharmacy it was a fun little game of I only speak english and the staff there only speak French or Tahitian. So sick/stuffy nosed/feverish Maria gets to try and act out my symptions. I pretty much stand there try to show that I’m tired and feverish. I then get the brilliant idea to touch my forehead and say the word “fever” about 10 times. Some how in my messed up little brain I figure if I say the word “fever” over and over again they will some how magically understand. Then I say “a choo” and point to my nose, at this point pretty much the whole pharmacy (other customers included) end up laughing. And not WITH me. Long story short, I think they understood that I was congested but not that I had the flu, so I ended up walking away with 8 packets of vitamin C. AWESOME. Of course it’s my own damn fault for not retaining any of my 3 years of french. Merde (one of the few words I still remember).

    Anyway, I get back to the hotel and my room is clean and ready for me to go sleep in, and sleep I do.
    Liz arrives at 9:00pm with cold and flu medicine in hand and I sleep the remaining hours of the day. Uber productive, I saw my hotel room and the pharmacy.
    But today, I do feel better!
    I’m still congested, but there isn’t really a fever any more.

    Liz and I went down to the infinity pool (apparently the largest one in tahiti) to explore this morning.
    Here are a few pictures. We will tour another island before we go.

    The pool/ocean

    The pool/ocean

    sunset... sort of

    sunset... sort of

    me in the water

    me in the water

    The beach bar/restaurant

    The beach bar/restaurant

    Liz in the water

    Liz in the water

    More to come.



    4 responses

    12 10 2011
    Rick Booker

    Great Story! The first day of an adventure,. You are so cool, I think you are one of the most amzing people I have ever met. I am happy that I did. It is a wonderful thing.

    12 10 2011

    Aww, thanks Rick!

    21 10 2011

    Please turn comments on for the newer Tahiti entry. I have one.

    21 10 2011

    Mummy… you should be able to leave comments wherever you would like

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