Auckland and the Rugby World Cup Finals

9 12 2011

Items I have learned today:

  • Keeping up a blog is kind of like going to the gym.  When you are motivated you do it consistently, but once you stop or something distracts you it is surprisingly REALLY HARD to start back up again!
  • suss = figure something out.  People will say things like  “well, why don’t you suss it out and….”
  • haka = Maori war dance
  • Purse = a wallet
  • Hand bag = Purse. Everyone here will be EXTREMELY confused if you call your handbag something else (rolls eyes)

I have been in New Zealand since October 13th and am now (on the 8th of December) FINALLY getting around to writing about my second week here.. I suck.. I know, I’m well aware.

So week one was spent with my former flat mate (roommate for the North American folk) and good friend from Australia – Liz.  Week two started off with me being alone, and ended up with me being on a bus full of crazy a** people. I’m not kidding.


Going back to the weekend of the 20th October.  There was a small little event going on in New Zealand otherwise known as the Rugby World Cup.  Just a FEW people were into it, you know one or two, here or there.  I just so happened to be in New Zealand for it (unplanned) in the city that it happened to be taking place in (Auckland).  I think I was pretty much the only person in the whole dang city who does follow/particularly care about rugby (GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!) but as the entire earth and its mom was into it that weekend, I decided to be as well.

Surviving the streets of Auckland - Rugby World Cup Finals Weekend

Surviving the streets of Auckland - Rugby World Cup Finals Weekend

I arrived Friday evening and checked into my hostel.   I was initially freaked out about having to spend the entire weekend on my own (as Liz had just left to fly back to Melbourne and I literally knew NO ONE). But as I walked into my room I met a wonderful Irish girl named Noelle who immediately invited me to Irish pub for dinner.  Of course I had to accept!  Friday was spent amongst her and her friends company.

Saturday morning I awoke to another roommate (Bekah who I would come to travel with for the next 6 weeks) freaking out at 6am in the morning because she “lost her entire life!!” (meaning she couldn’t find her passport, wallet and HAND BAG).  Shockingly.. all of 30 seconds later they reappeared underneath her pillow (sigh…).  She then stopped freaking out.. went back to sleep and awoke again at 12:00pm.  I became properly acquainted with her midday (rather than frantically trying to search the room to find her belongings that she just so happened be SLEEPING on).   We did what I seem to enjoy doing most these days (we went to McDonalds.. Corrie I know I must be making you proud) and then wondered around the city a little bit.    I can’t say I was all that impressed with the sights and wonders of Auckland… to me it really did just feel like another city.

Saturday evening we met Amanda (a girl from the Netherlands who I managed to recruit to come on a bus tour with me to the Bay of Islands).   I decided to call it an early night because we had the rugby world cup finals the next day. STUPID IDEA. I was staying at a hostel called Nomads.  Which means that the dance club next door was so loud that it sounded like it was literally IN MY ROOM.  Lets guess how much sleep Maria actually got? Lets also guess how pissed off Maria was for coming in EARLY to sleep?  It was obviously an AWESOME, AMAZING night.

Rugby World Cup Finals Day –

Amanda. Lucy and I amongst the crowd

Amanda. Lucy and I amongst the crowd

Woke up around 11:00am (after of course a WONDERFUL nights sleep) to everybody having a breakfast of what looked like at least 12 beers (again.. not kidding).  I had just come to realization that I literally had no All Blacks apparel (for those out there who know as much about rugby as I do: the All Black’s are New Zealand’s rugby team and they actually made it to the Rugby World Cup finals on their home territory… EXCITING). ANYWAY.  It then became a mad hunt to brave not only the streets of Auckland, but also the stores that actually sell rugby merchandise on game day.  After being exhausted by walking all of a block, I decided that a $5 all blacks flag as well as face tattoos would have to be good enough.  After eating we met a girl named Lucy, who was Noelle’s friend.  Noelle ended up getting a ticket to the game, so Lucy, Bekah, Amanda and I decided to make our way to fan zone to be amongst the chaos.

Amanda, Lucy, Bekah and I in the fan zone

Amanda, Lucy, Bekah and I in the fan zone

The fan zone was insane! But we may or may not have wanted to partake in a few alcoholic drinks, and we may or may not have had to wait for 45 minutes to get ONE BEER.  After that.. we decided to head back to the Irish pub that Noelle had brought me to on Friday and watch the game from there.  We had to cue to get in, but it was worth it. The pub was excellent, the crowd was amazing, there was live music.. and best of all I was at my home away from.. an Irish pub! (although it sadly was not paddy coynes).

O'Hagan's Irish Pub.. game time

O'Hagan's Irish Pub.. game time

Being ever so into rugby I could go on and on about exactly what happened through out the game (ahem.. or not) but I can tell you that it was really exciting, that the crowd and energy was electric, and that most importantly.. New Zealand Won!

It was amazing to be in the city that the world cup was happening, but not only that, to be around the celebration afterwords when the home country took the victory!

I had to unfortunately be up at 7am for a bus tour up to the Bay of Islands the next day (blog entry to come soon.. and hopefully by soon I don’t mean in a few months).  So after the game ended, I stood around in the streets for a bit but soon had to make my way back to bed to sleep to make sure that I did actually wake up in the morning to head up North.



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