HOT (hot hot) Water Beach and the first of the Glow Worms

16 12 2011

Item’s I have learned today:

-Nancy Boy = a wus/sissy.. and  also the nickname of my bus driver for the majority of the North Island.

Our first stop was at Mt Eden, one of the 70 dormant volcano’s in the Auckland region (yes, you did just read that correctly.. the area is surrounded by volcanoes).  Mount Eden has a crater that is 50 meters deep.  It looks like a huge grass hole.   One Tree hill was also within viewing distance (U2 named their song after it, although the tree has been cut down since then).  After that we slowly started to make our way towards the Coromandel Peninsula.

View from Mt Eden

View from Mt Eden

I had to say goodbye to my long lost cousin Amanda (who I travelled with on the Bay of Islands) but was reunited with Bekah (who “lost her life” in Auckland) and Lucy.

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach

After a brief stop in Thames we eventually ended  up at Hot Water Beach, just in perfect time to make our own personal hot tubs in the sand.  Hot Water Beach is a geo – thermal area where two hours before low tide you are able to literally bring a shovel, dig a few feet and create your own hot water pool.  You have to be careful though because the water can get incredibly hot, incredibly fast!  You need to make sure that you combine the cool water from the beach itself, with the hot water you are digging up. We had a local family giving us all the tips.

Creating our own Hot pool.. notice how I'm NOT in this picture :)

Creating are own hot pool.. notice how I'm NOT in this picture 🙂

I left all this fancy engineering work to the dudes who knew what they were doing, and contributed by sitting in their wonderfully made pool.

My Contribution!

My Contribution!

That evening one of the staff at our lodge told us that if we made the trek out to the beach again at night, the walk would be lined with glow worms.  So trek we did… but not one or two of us.. about 20!  Which made for some interesting times as it was through the bushes with nothing to light us but a small torch (flashlight) that Lucy brought in the front… and  well…yup.. that was about it.  It literally felt like one of those get to know each other/trust sessions you go through when your younger and are joining some new type of group (summer camp.. acting classes… a retreat of some sort, etc…).   We were all walking through hand in hand in the bush yelling things out like “big rock on the left” (being echoed as each person reaches said rock) or “branch above” or the occassional “f*.. there was a step.”  But we successfully made it back to the beach… passing quite a few glow worms along the away, and funnily enough I think that was when our big a** group all started to get just a little bit closer.

It was the a great little late night adventure, and a wonderful first taste/sample if you will of the glow worm adventures we would have the next day at Waitomo.



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