River Valley

10 01 2012

Item’s I have learned today

Muppet – Idiot

Dairy – Mini-Mart/Convenience store (I note that in Australia they are called milk bars)

As with most of our hikes/outdoor activities on the trip so far, we ended up with rain. In the morning on the way out of Taupo we stopped at the Tongariro Crossing Northern Circuit for a brief walk.

Tongariro Crossing Northern Circuit

Tongariro Crossing Northern Circuit

The Tongariro Crossing itself is one of the top day hikes in the world, but unfortunately it got rained out the day before (not that I would have done it anyway, sky diving was enough of an accomplishment for me) but I honestly didn’t mind a 2-3 bush walk in the rain, and no I am not actually being sarcastic here… for once in my life. Despite the weather, it had a kind of neat feel to it – kind of wuthering heights ish.

The bush was covered in these red ferns, being the geological expert I am.. I couldn’t really tell you any more about them. The hotel that we started and ended up back in looked like an exact replica of the ‘The Shining’ the dreary weather kinda of added to the whole ambiance, but being the strange person that I am.. I really enjoyed it.

this waterfall was some how involved with LOTR.. i think? :)

this waterfall was some how involved with LOTR.. i think? ūüôā

Group Picture

Group Picture

After that we headed down south to River Valley “New Zealand’s Original Adventure Lodge” ¬†but at this point, I was kind of adventured out. ¬†The bus could only drive down so far, so we all hopped out and walked down (luckily a pick up truck – or ute – came and grabbed our luggage otherwise I really wouldn’t have been a happy camper).

Now River Valley itself is gorgeous. It’s located right along the¬†Rangitikei River. ¬†It original opened up as a rafting company and has now expanded to lodging as well as horse back riding. In retrospect, I really wish I would have gone on a horse back ride but at the time (considering Halloween was the day before) I decided that a nap would be much more important… sigh.

So while everyone went off to explore, I went to lay down. OH THE EXCITING LIFE I LEAD.  Dinner that evening was a roast cooked by the staff, it was pretty close to being up there with the hangi meal, but Tamaki still beat them out.

River Valley also has a program called being a river valley slave, not a very appealing title but the program itself did sound quite neat. ¬†You work a couple of hours a day and in exchange you get free accommodation, free meals and one free activity a week. ¬†I highly considered it until I discovered that the showers were outdoors… why yes.. in fact I am that big of a girl! ¬†But for someone thats really into nature and outdoor adventures it would be perfect for them. ¬†Another cool thing about the lodge is that they don’t distribute keys.. AT ALL. ¬†At first I was kind of caught of guard by this concept, but after awhile I kind of liked the whole idea, you know the whole trust your neighbor type thing. ¬†Not something you see very often.. or EVER for that matter in the states!



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10 01 2012

What’s LOTR?

10 01 2012

Lord of The Rings…

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