Wellington – My Future Home

23 01 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

– GST – tax – it’s INCLUDED in the price in everything here.. a fact I find really REALLY nice

-I’m sure I have learned more but I can’t seem to remember it at the moment.

WINDY WELLINGTON. It’s no joke. Prior to arriving in New Zealand, I was pretty much 99% percent sure that I was going to end up living in Wellington (based on what people had told me) but had decided to tour around the North and South Islands for the first few months just to make sure.



This initial stop in Wellington only lasted for a few days.. and it was sooo dang windy that I really didn’t go out and see all that much.

the harbour

the harbour

I had been in Wellington a few weeks before with my old flatmate from Australia Liz and had gone to te papa/toured the city then.  So  I really wasn’t  all that motivated to do much in the one/two days I had with the folks on my bus.. except go out on the town of course.

We arrived late afternoon, just in time to grab dinner and then meet up with everyone at a hostel bar called Blend (a place that has recently seemed to have become my home away from home).  They had $4 drink specials.. in other words.. BAD NEWS.   After a few drinks there, and a few people jumping up on the table (not me.. for once) it was off to dance… and fall. and dance and fall.

Out with Alice, Luke, Lucy and Jo

Out with Alice, Luke, Bekah and Jo

At Blend with Luke, Lauren, Leigh, Josh, Richie and Mike

At Blend with Luke, Lauren, Leigh, Josh, Richie and Mike

Travelling with a bunch of Poms.. they all decided the next day to go see the inbetweeners.. some of them for the third/fourth time (ahem.. Bekah).  Not having any idea what the hell that show was/is.. nor any desire to see the movie.. I decided to pass.

The next day was INSANELY windy.  Apparently Wellington is the most windy between Oct – Dec.. I don’t doubt it.  I went outside to grab chinese food (because yes I am that healthy of an eater) and almost got blown down the street.

And old man walked past me.. saw the expression on my face and started laughing “its windy today.. but not NEARLY as bad as yesterday!” He said with a smile.  It was pretty much then that I decided that this would be the city that I end up.  It is a bit windy yes, but the people (as that old man had just proved) are fantastic.  I had found my New Zealand home.. I just needed to actually make it down to South Island now just to make sure.



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