Adventures in the South Island – Kaiteriteri

25 01 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

Mint – Perfect/awesome/really good. Said like ‘it’s a mint day for it!’

A 3 hour ferry ride is not so much fun when you have had a bit too much to drink the night before. I was actually fine,but there were quite a few people on the bus that were NOT.  We were a bit worried would not be let in the boat in the first place (as you can’t appear intoxicated)… luckily they just passed out on the floor once we boarded so all was well.

the culprits... sleeping comfortably

the culprits... sleeping comfortably

Now when I say ferry, this is more like a cruise ship.  It’s about 10x’s the size of the ones in Seattle, with I think ohhhhhh about 8 different levels!  There was room for a restaurant, a gambling section, and multiple lounges and bars.  You check your luggage in downstairs and then head up for your 3 hour journey between the North and South Island of New Zealand.

We left Wellington bright and early to catch the ferry to picton.  It was here that we said goodbye to Nancy Boy and ended up with Bex,  I had met Bex in Taupo and ended up with her a good majority of the night one evening and LOVED her.  I tried to get everyone to sit up front but was some how overruled by people not wanting to be “the nerds that sit up front” as well as the passengers already on the bus from the South Island who had claimed the seats.

After re-grabbing our luggage and stopping in Nelson for a quick grocery stop we ended up in Kaiteriteri, a beautiful area right on the outskirts of the Abel Tasman National park.
Cooking our ever present dinner of PASTA (this was seriously the only thing that I lived off of during my two months of touring the country, occasionally with veggies, sometimes we would splurge on cheese.. EXTREME luxury I know) we had a relatively quiet evening just hanging out.



The next day we walked about while others went on a kayak (apparently you can kayak with dolphins, I was entirely too unmotivated and kayaking sounded like way too much physical activity for lazy ass maria).  So we all went to wander around the beaches that were right along our doorstep.

I was amazed by how beautiful the area was (a fact that happened a lot in the South Island, I would seriously come across something daily that would trump whatever I had seen before).

We played in the sand, took some group photo’s and then headed back to the bus to continue our way down south.

the group (well some of them anyway)

the group (well some of them anyway)



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