West Port and Lake Mahinapua – the Poo Pub

28 01 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

Cuz/Cuzzo/Cuzz-ee – cousin/family/close friend. Used interchangably with “bro”

After saying goodbye to the beaches of Kaiteriteri, we made our way to Westport stopping first at Buller adventures for a brief little trip of Jetboating.

The Jetboat Crew .. bringing sexy back

The Jetboat Crew .. bringing sexy back

Now jetboating is kind of like jet-sking but you are in a huge gigantic boat, with a sarcastic guide who enjoys telling you he’s going to spin in one direction and then does a 360 the opposite way.  I should also add that you will look incredibly sexy in gear to keep you warm that is about 5,000,000 times too big, a beanie that keeps falling off your head and yellow shades that look like something straight off of the Ali-G show.

no comment

no comment

Throw in some “true” stories about how a cow jumped off a house in a flood and swam over and saved a woman by bringing her to shore (yeah.. definitely didn’t  believe that one at first either……sigh.,asdjklasjldkajl) and you should be all set!

It was  really fun.  The rails were heated and because I wasn’t in the far back, I didn’t get nearly as soaked as some. We returned back to our accomodation to find out that we lucked out and ended up with the “apartment” in the place, complete with its own bathroom.  HAPPY TIMES.

Being the social group that we all were, Delphi and some of the others organized a wine and cheese party.  So at our grocery stop that afternoon, everyone on the bus picked some up and we had a small gathering in one of the other rooms.  I should also mention that the two guys that owned the place weren’t too hard on the eye either.. haha 🙂

wine and cheese! :)

wine and cheese! 🙂

Bex then lit off a bunch of fireworks for us.  I believe it was the 5th of Nov (yes, I am WAY behind in updating this thing,but it takes a bit to cover everything.. geeze 🙂 ).  Bex was our resident expert firework lighter while a few guys in the group (ahem Chris) attempted.  I mean that he would literally go up, light the firework,  and stupidly stand there!  It took all of us screaming at him and practically dragging him away so he wasn’t hovering over it when the damn thing exploded!

It was a classic evening.

Next day we made a pit stop at Irimahuwhero view point and the Punakaiki Pancake Rocks.  As I mentioned in previous blog entries… absolutely beautiful. The pancake rocks are heavily eroded layers of limestone where the sea has burst in to make them literally look like layers and layers of pancakes.  They were apparently formed 30 million years ago.



We also stopped at the Cape Foulwind seal colony for some quick seal study… SO FREAKING CUTE.



That night it was off Lake Mahinapua Hotel, where we had a home cooked meal by Bex and Lez the 1087 year old man (more like 87.. i think??) that Bex raved about 🙂  Our rooms smelled like urine,  and were very basic, but the lake was near by.  It didn’t really end up mattering because pretty much the entire purpose of this stop however.. was the infamous dress up party at the “Poo Pub.”  We stopped in Greymouth prior to arriving, but not to see the sites.. literally to pick up costumes for the evenings festivities.

the poo party - group

the poo party - group

Our theme was “Anything that starts with the letter P.”  Being the ever creative person that I am (meaning that I am not AT ALL) and absolutely LOVING to dress up (meaning…I pretty much hate it) I decided to spend $3 on a tiara and say that I was princess.  I wore a dress.

Male and female "princesses" in dresses

Male and female "princesses" in dresses

It lasted about an hour.

AND royalty in comfort.. with lucy the present, and katie the power ranger :)

AND royalty in comfort.. with lucy the present, and katie the power ranger 🙂

I went back and changed into jeans .. hey royalty needs to be comfortable right?  SHOCKINGLY I didn’t win the prize for the best dressed costume (delphi, dressed as a pastry did) but i did have a great evening!

I went down to the lake that night and may or may not have serenaded the glow worms on the way back to my urine-smelling room.

Not kidding. Was a really fun night though 🙂



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