Rowena Lodge and my 60 hour work week

13 02 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

-Sing out – Let me know/feel free to ask . Said like “just sing out when you’re ready”

-Agro – aggravated/upset

I have gotten sick of updating about my travels (which happened in Oct/Nov) and not being able to update about what’s going on currently.  So I am taking a break from the tales of the South Island and delving a little into what’s its like right now living in Wellington.

I ended up here at the beginning of December.  I was told that it would be next to impossible to find work (as I primarily do temp office jobs) because of the holidays and that most likely I wouldn’t find work until February. I had just got done with travelling non-stop for two months, and although I still had some money saved up, not having income for an additional few months was definitely NOT ideal.  So when a friend of a friend said I could take over his work for accommodation job in windy Welly, I was keen.

Rowena Lodge

Rowena Lodge

I came in, met Murray (my 61 year old cranky but amusing boss) and after speaking to him for like two seconds was told that I had the job and could start a day or two before Steve (the friend of the friend) left. I was SOO excited that I neglected to leave any contact details… not even my last name. BRILLIANT.

And typical/over analytical Maria was then freaking out “did I really have the job?” “Will he even remember my name/face” “What the hell am I going to do?” “Will I  be able to find a place to live??”  “Why the hell didn’t I even bother leaving my phone number, let alone freaking last name!” etc.. etc.. etc….

Of course everything was fine! I showed up a few days later, dropped off one of my ridiculously too large suitcases and squared away that I would start the following week.

So I move in the beginning of December.  That first week I register with a few temp agencies, and then somehow (miraculously) get placed in an office job that starts the following week.  Not that I am complaining about having income, but one week later is quite a difference from 2 months later.  I literally went from freaking out from having NO income…. to all of a sudden working from 8:00am – 5:00pm at the office job and then 7:00pm – 10:30pm at Rowena’s… EVERY DAY.

How I spend most of my evenings... be jealous

How I spend most of my evenings... be jealous

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the Rowena’s job was difficult. It’s part of the reason why this dang thing here has been updated so frequently during the last few months. I basically get free accommodation for sitting here and updating my blog/checking facebook/reading books.  It’s not really all that rough. It’s more so that my I have to physically be here at the front desk from 7:00pm -10:30pm.  That my work day starts at 8:00am and doesn’t end until 10:30pm… 5 days a week.

My gorgeous evening view.. see the piano mummy??

My gorgeous evening view.. see the piano mummy??

My savings account has LOVED me however, I have been able to replenish most of what I spent in my 2 months of travelling, however my well-being, sanity and social life has not.  In the two months that I have been in Wellington I really have not done all that much.. other than spend a lot of 1 on 1 time with the interwebs, and read a sh*t ton of books.

And the outside...

And the outside...

My level of crankiness has drastically increased as well. During the 8 to 5 job (at Land Information New Zealand, which I will post about at some point in the near future) I am usually fine.  Occassionally I will get annoyed with things beyond my control, but for the most part I’m peaceful and quite calm under pressure.  Once it comes round to 7:00pm.. beware.  It’s a please steer clear of Maria Zone.  You have any particular questions? Watch out.. ESPECIALLY if it’s a stupid question.  You actually want me to physically get up and show you a room?  F off! It’s not a freaking hotel.. it’s a hostel. If you are the type of person that wants to see a room ahead of time…. most likely you won’t deem the place nice enough to stay in! So PLEASE don’t waste either of our time!  You want me to get you towels or sheets? BEWARE.  You don’t know how to wash and dry your own dishes?? All hell might literally just break lose! I really am a nice person… ahem.. for the most part. But Rowena’s and my current work schedule is successfully bringing out the wrath of Maria.

So in two weeks the 60 hour work week will change to the more reasonable/more sane 40 hour one. I will move in with Tess (and apparently some french dude, and some dutch dude, and her boyfriend) into her familys place right in the city.  I am REALLY excited to just have time to breathe.  To do whatever I want after 5:00pm, whether that be run 5 miles (un-likely) belly dance (possibly, if I can just motivate myself to actually go to classes), nap (more likely) or lay around and watch TV (probably what will end up happening).

Rowena’s has been great, and I have met some fantastic people here (and some crazy ones as well) and I will miss Murray and his ever so happy (aka extremely cranky) personality, but it is time to move on and have a life.. and hopefully (finally) get a chance to really live and breathe in Wellington.. only about 2 and 1/2 months after I arrived.



3 responses

15 02 2012

Ah, yes, a piano. Does Murray play it? Have you? I think there should be pianos at all establishments.

16 02 2012

Negative on both.. although I have heard ‘heart and soul’ QUITE A BIT.. too much for my liking.. 🙂

17 02 2012

That’s why I wrote ‘Lucky Dime’

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