Life and Times in Wellywood

12 04 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

A few yawns:  Few laughs/good conversation

chippies – potato chips (although apparently not all kiwi’s say it.. ahem Tess)

-When asked to give some examples of kiwi culture, one of my flatmates was quick to inform me that kiwi’s don’t date.. they just get drunk and hook up. Looks like I won’t be meeting my prince charming over here.. not that I like dating anyway… but dang

So I am into month 4 of living in Wellington now. The first few were wrapped up in Rowena’s Lodge but now that I have moved on I have time to live and breathe a bit.

I have moved into what one of my flatmates Tess calls “Tory Hall.”  It actually used be “Aro Valley Town Hall” one of the older buildings in Wellington, converted into flats.  Tess assures me however that if there’s an earthquake its not likely to collapse down the middle, it will collapse to the side.. COMFORTING.  She also informed me that her plan if said earthquake happens is to do a mad dash down our hall, onto the deck and jump into a neighbouring tree… good times.

The other roommates are Dan who is Dutch,  and Louis who is French.  Both cool in their own way.  We all pretty much do our own thing most of the time, but have a flat dinner somewhat regularly on Sundays.. and by flat dinner I mean that Tess usually cooks, and I usually sit around and make some major contributions by watching tv.

I have been working for a government office called Land Information New Zealand. I originally started off as a temp, but they have now hired me on a fixed term contract, which means I will have had only one job the entire time I am in New Zealand.  The job itself is fine.   I support two different teams  – the National Hydrographic Authority (the hydro team) and Landonline and Geospatial Services (Customer Systems/Applications team).  It’s all kinds of ironic considering I have no interest in pursuing either area  but the people I work with are cool, and it’s income, so I don’t really have any complaints.  I must say however, that I left Seattle not really bothered with trying to figure out what I want to do next, and by the time I leave NZ I think I might be ready to try and sort a little more of that out.

Welly has been good.  Highlight’s since I have been here have been the rugby 7’s… where everyone and their mom dresses up… and only the die hard fan’s actually really pay attention to the rugby  I am sooo not a dress up person, but the costume I wore that day will probably be the best costume I wear EVER.  Not kidding.  It’s only because I have had nothing to do whatsoever in the creation of it.    My friend Katie and her good friend Olivia were responsible.  They came down from Taupo for the weekend and we were all characters from Super Mario Kart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Home grown also happened, its a one day music festival on the water. Being the procrastinator that I am, I neglected to get tickets in time, and of course it sold out. They did have a free stage however where we could watch break dancers.  Only in NZ do we have have male break dancers in skinny jeans… at least I HOPE that uh “style” hasn’t made it to Seattle yet (in case you can’t tell, i f*ing hate skinny jeans regardless of gender, but it’s even worse on dudes)

at the free stage at home grown

at the free stage at home grown

Also saw six60.. my first NZ concert.  It was at a smaller venue and was AMAZING. Course it doesn’t help that the lead singer is gorgeous.. but yeah, their music is great too! haha.  I remember at one point I tried to squeeze my way up front and almost got punched in the fast by a group of girls that refused to move.  Fair play though, I gave up and made my way to back… with out ending up with war wounds.

Blurry Six60

Blurry Six60

Weather here is interesting. You still get the whole every season in one day here… the only thing that’s consistent is the wind.

You can tell that I’m running out of things to write about when I digress to the weather. OH, I booked a trip to SE Asia. The plan is to fly in and out of Bangkok. I will leave Auckland on August 5th and return Sept 14th.. and will fly back to Seattle shortly afterwords. I plan on doing Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, although the exact travel plan is far from being finalised, and my mother is already freaking out about the idea of me going… (mummy, I will be fine.. promise!)

I’m sure there is much more to update you all on, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  I know its been a minute since I have bothered to update this thing.. so I didn’t want to keep all 2 of you that consistently read this thing waiting much longer. You’re welcome. 🙂



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16 04 2012

I always love hearing about Americans’ experiences in New Zealand! BTW, I believe it’s spelled “yarns,” not “yawns” (“yarn” as in the old-fashioned sense of a story that someone is spinning). Kiwis just don’t pronounce their ‘r’s!

21 04 2012

Seriously thought it was yawns.. lol. You learn something new everyday! 🙂

20 04 2012

The chap in the free stage pic looks like Simon Baker, eh?

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