A “work” related trip to Somes/Matiu Island

2 05 2012

Being the INCREDIBLY hard worker I am…  it was really hard for me to make the decision of whether or not I wanted to spend the day in the office or head over to Somes/Matiu Island (not).

Somes/Matiu Island

Somes/Matiu Island

Let me back up a little bit. I am currently working at LINZ (Land Information New Zealand). Our Chief Executive has since left the company to move to the Department of Internal Affairs. Prior to his leaving, it was asked that each business group film a going away video for him.  So two teams that I work around: the Topo and Geo Teams (not with, but they were generous enough to allow me to tag along on this highly important business trip) planned a day trip out to Somes Island to track down a trig for Colin’s (our former CE) video.

What’s a Trig? Good question.  I had no idea.. lol.


Apparently they are survey marks.. more importantly hunting one down is justification to take a ferry and go treking around during a work day.  I now love them.

Now the past usage of Somes Island is somewhat depressing.  It was originally used as an internment camp, as well as quarantine area for both humans and animals.  The buildings still stand, it’s a bit irie to think about their past and to walk past the cemetary/memorials of those who’s lives were lost on the island.

Currently it is a predator free  (no rats, rodents etc) scientific reserve. So when we got off the ferry we were asked to look under our shoes/check our bags/hair etc to make sure we weren’t introducing any new uh… wildlife (rodents, ants, etc…)

Not kidding. They even had a “biodisposable bucket” aka a paint bucket for us to dump any mice that we have unknowingly brought over in our purses (hand bags) 🙂

We spent the day walking around and looking at these little lizards called skinks.  We even managed to see a Tuatara (these adorable lizards that have been around since the dinasours… they don’t move much.. literally) The Tuatara we saw was in the exact same place that two members of the group had seen him/her/it a YEAR ago. I told you I wasn’t kidding when I said they don’t get around.

The island also has Weta’s… nasty NASTY looking creatures.  Yes, I did see one of those as well.. and by “see” I mean I got incredibly silent, hunched over/put my arms around myself to protect me from the beast, and walked about 10 feet around so I wouldn’t have a panic attack and freak out.  I’m not a wus/super ridiculous  at ALL.

We had a picnic at the top, filmed and recorded the trig and our farewell message, then we slowly made our way back down and over to Wellington.

Probably the best day of work I have had so far.




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2 05 2012

Just a quickie: you saw a Tuatara (which the beer’s named after), not a Totara (which is a tree), and you saw a Weta (which the film studio’s named after). There’s a Tuatara statue on Cuba Street next to the Bucket Fountain!

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