there is a lot I can not post.

13 05 2012

Items I have learned today (for those new to my blah blah blah’s I usually try to start each entry with some new term/way of wording things that are different than back at home)

So I have learned the title of this post.. again and again oh and

It’s becoming really hard for me to identify what I can publicly post and what I can not.

The problem is that I am maintaining a public blog that is associated with my first and last name which means.. anything I might write could basically come back and bite me in the a** at some point in my life. So although I have written quite a few posts recently that I  would love to vent and put up here.. I can’t.

It’s not because I don’t love and trust my loyal followers, it’s because they are entirely too personal, and you never know what can happen when the wrong people misinterpret you posting about a crappy work week or whatever else I may really want to write about.

So, as much as this pains me to say.. if you find yourself amused by what I publicly post on here.. then email me.. and then I might possibly (if I get to point of some what trusting you) divulge a bit more.. But I can’t on here. is all about glitter, and sparkles, and the joys or travelling.

The end.



One response

6 06 2012

You are going to come back with an accent – if you come back that is..:)

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