My new found love for rugby??

27 05 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

Lost the plot = gone crazy

Kiwi’s are incredibly environmentally conscious, garbage bins don’t really exist over here (you buy bags at the grocery and stick them outside when full, the rubbish collectors come by everyday to pick up what may or may not be stuck out there).  Other examples include the fact that there’s a compost bin at work, and my garbage can at my desk is literally the size of hand…

Apparently it’s also really fun to have different names for fruits and veg:

mung bean sprouts = bean sprouts

sultanas = raisins (there is a cereal called Sultana Bran here)

croquettes = zucchinis

chick peas = garbanzos

SOOOoo… rugby and Maria.  It’s all kinds of ironic, because back in Seattle I was friends/acquaintances/what have you with a few of the guys on  the local rugby team (or league.. or whatever?) and I made it to all of one game. Actually, technically speaking I made it to half of one game.. and probably paid attention to 5 minutes of it.  I am obviously really REALLY into rugby.

Since I have been in Wellington, I have been to 4 matches… in the last month.   Now I don’t pretend to actually understand everything thats going on,    any type of foul or technical call goes way over my head.  I also have not been the organiser of this rugby viewing activity. but I must say that it actually has been quite fun attending the games live.

Laura, Rachel, Bex and I at a hurricanes match

Laura, Rachel, Bex and I at a hurricanes match

Wellington is such a small city, that the players then head out and about afterwords.  Since I am not a jersey chaser, and I don’t really pay that close of attention to the sport, I don’t know who anyone actually is.. but I find the whole concept kind of amusing.. that after the sport you could literally stalk the players.. lol.  Ok, well maybe stalk isn’t the right word…. ahem.  And I definitely don’t anyone who would conduct such ridiculous behavior.. ahem 🙂

The local team is called the Hurricanes. The national team is called the All Blacks.  That’s probably a duh statement for most of my 2 loyal readers, but I actually didn’t know that prior to arriving here.  There’s also a difference between rugby league and rugby union.  I have asked friends multiple times to explain it to me… which usually just results in me smiling and pretending to understand.  Differences do exist… I apparently just don’t have the mental capacity to understand them… something to do with tackles.

In a few weeks I head down to Christchurch for the All Blacks test match against Ireland (although, we have yet to get tickets for it… but that’s a whole separate story for another time and probably another entry).

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would be planning a weekend trip around a rugby match.. I would have laughed in your face.  Oh how times have changed..




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