Hanging out with my bosses Fam

13 06 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

your man = that guy

The way Kiwi’s say their “e’s” sounds like the way Americans say their “i’s” so Yes becomes “Yis” … pretty sure that will be the only word that I will actually be able to say in a Kiwi accent when I get back home.

So back to the title of this blog… it all started on Christmas Day.  I had been working at LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) for  about 2 weeks… and had been in Wellington for about a month.  I was already quite homesick as the holidays were right around the corner, and I had to say bye to most of the friends I had met travelling. I was also stuck working 60 hour work weeks which didn’t leave much opportunity to make any new friends.

Now Ron, one of bosses, asked what I was doing for Christmas.  In my ridiculously retarded little mind (sorry rashi.. I still use that word.. all the time)… I immediately jumped to the conclusion that for some reason he might need me to work.. and I could earn some time and half.. and save up a bit more! WAY FESTIVE of me, eh? I immediately responded by telling him I had no plans.  “Well, that means you can come and spend it with my family and I”

Uh.. what?  Don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly grateful for the invite, and the idea of spending Christmas with a family was quite fantastic.  I literally didn’t have any other plans… other than having to work at the hostel at 7:00pm.. but I am bit shy/quiet/reserved until you get to know me and I feel comfortable. The problem was I didn’t really know my boss, nor had I met any of his family before.   Of course I accepted immediately.. and stressed out about the appropriate gift to bring along even though I “wasn’t supposed to bring anything.”

So Christmas day comes along and it’s a pretty wonderful day. I meet his wife Judy, and his three daughters (Nicole, Michelle and Carina) who are all relatively close to my own age.  As well as Alysia (Michelle’s childhood friend) and her parents and boyfriend.  I was worried about feeling out of place or invading their family time, but I didn’t feel that at all.  All though..it was still a bit strange to have Christmas be a gorgeous sunny day, but that just goes with living in the Southern Hemisphere.

Alysia, Niki, Carina, Judy, Nicole and I at Nicole's place after the fair

Alysia, Niki, Carina, Judy, Nicole and I at Nicole’s place after the fair

So a few weeks ago I received invite number two, to go to the Martinborough Fair “with the girls.”  It’s a big huge NZ craft fair that’s held twice a year about an hour outside of Wellington.  It’s aim is to give local crafts people a chance to display their goods, and it has grown to be so popular that demand for the stalls exceeds the space available.

Carina,  (my bosses youngest daughter) picked me up, from there we went to Ron’s house, grabbed his wife Judy and his other daughter Michelle.

Nicole, the eldest and Michelle’s best friend Alysia and her mother Niki met us at the fair.  Were there a lot of craft booths? yes.  Did I stuff my face by eating pretty much everything in any food booth we walked past? yes.  Did we all sit down and eat at the side of building making us look “like homeless people” (according to Ron), yes.  But did I have a great time? Of course.

nice quiet place for a meal...

nice quiet place for a meal…

I don’t think this sort of thing would ever happen at home, or at least if it has, I don’t hear about it often.  Where you move to a new country and then sort of get adopted into family events. I must say aside from the amount of crap Ron gives me at work… and I mean that sarcastically of course (he often says things to get a rise out of me.. currently being that I should learn to wash out his coffee cup each day if I want a good reference from him).. I think that it’s incredibly nice/sweet/wonderful that both him and has family have welcomed me in… every now and then.

One of his daughters made me laugh when she asked me if I have been adopted by all sorts of New Zealand families and brought along on their family trips.. Nope.. Just hers 🙂



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