It’s all about the haka… and maybe a little reunion

23 07 2012

Item’s I have learned today:

pulled = kissed/hooked up with

nibbles = appetizers (kind of sad that this now incorporated into my vocab, and I only thought to include it here when a friend from home didn’t know what the hell I was talking about)

I had my own little kiwi bus reunion a few weeks ago.  For those of you who didn’t know I toured around on one of those big green buses that all Kiwi’s love (… and by love I mean hate) for two months when I first got to New Zealand (for shame.. ) Anyway. I had a blast on said embarrassing, touristy bus known for young crazy shenanigans and had a mini reunion with Bekah (who I originally met in Auckland at the  very start of this trip) and Nic.

Bekah and Nic are both living in Australia and flew over for the test All Blacks Match vs. Ireland.  The most recent theme in my life is the fact that I seem to be attending or watching rugby every single weekend.. not because of my undying love for it… but because of my friends.  That weekend was no exception.

Nic, the ghost of Bekah and I at the match

Nic, the ghost of Bekah and I at the match

I flew out of Wellington and into Christchurch on the smallest plane that I have ever been on.  I was row 15. I remember thinking how awesome that was because I would be one of the first people off the plan… hah.  It was the LAST row.    Flight was 50 minutes… it was literally over as soon as we fully ascended

Bekah, Nic and I all arrived in Christchurch right around the same time.  We then proceeded to hire a car, and drive 6 hours to Queenstown arriving just after 11:00pm.  Brilliant idea right??  We only had four days in the South Island, so if 12 hours  were spent driving and listening to rugby anthems (not kidding,  found a cd for .97 cents at discount store.. I didn’t even know rugby anthems existed??) so that we could spend time in the place that we loved… so be it.

I had WAY more appreciation for Queenstown the second time around. Don’t get me wrong I still had an amazing time when I first went there back in November, I just seemed to some how take more in this time.  Plus it’s winter now, so it had that whole cold/snow/Christmas in July feel to it.

breakfast in queenstown.. ferg burger

breakfast in queenstown.. ferg burger



The only issue? I some how managed to catch a bug while there which made me a sh*t ton of fun let me just say. Sick, cranky Maria = not so much fun too hang out with.   So we spent one night and day in Quesnstown.  Having a car we were able to drive around a bit, explore Arrow-town and head back up to Christchurch early Saturday morning for the game.

It took a bit of time to figure out where the hostel in Christchurch was as the city centre is still pretty much closed off.  We arrived just in time to change,  layer up and go (if I hadn’t mentioned it before, it was FREEZING).  I was seriously debating staying in as I was old cold and fluey but I couldn’t miss my first (and possibly only) All Blacks game.  I was more excited to see the haka than the game, but hey.. I was still excited!  Not quite as excited as Nic who I literally thought was going to have a heart attack but still…

game time

game time

The cool part about this particular game was that it was the first All Blacks game in Christchurch since the earthquake. They opened a new stadium and we got to be there for the opening night. The atmosphere was amazing, although a bit cold.

It was also quite festive with the Irish supporters just as vocal as the All Black ones. And Ireland played well, so the game with actually quite fun to watch.. ending in an all blacks victory but not a slaughter.

bekah stealing some married dudes flag.. no joke :)

bekah stealing some married dudes flag.. no joke 🙂

Afterwords, I attempted to make it out, but the cold and fever caught up with me.. so Bekah and I headed back to the hostel.

The next day we ventured back down to Cashel mall and then to Nic’s cousin’s house for a roast.  A warm living room and a roast dinner sounded absolutely fantastic.

After that we all parted ways, with me flying back to Welly, and the girls headed to Sydney for a few days. Even though the weekend was slightly dampered by the flu, it was still really nice to see Bekah and Nic again, and knock off another thing off the bucket list.. a rugby world cup champions match 🙂



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24 07 2012

Off topic, but one of the ads on your blog today is for a walking tour of Maria Island! In Australia, even. Did you know about this?

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