Saying goodbye to Wellington… (and getting the best gift ever)

3 08 2012

Item’s I have learned today

Pounamu = greenstone/jade

My Pounamu - Toki (adze)

My Pounamu – Toki (adze)

So you can not buy yourself your own Pounamu it is considered bad luck.  You also can not put it on yourself. I had just about a week left here (today is my last day.. I’m  just trying to tell this story to its fullest), and I had literally walked into work thinking of how I really wanted my own piece of greenstone to bring home with me.  I obviously was not going to buy one for myself, nor did I want to tell someone “hey, I really want a greenstone pendant will you please please buy me one? thanks.”

Fast forward to my last Whānau group meeting at LINZ. If you have read any of my previously posts, you would know that I have recently become very heavily involved in the Whānau group at work, even to the extent of performing infront of the company at our Matariki (Māori new year) celebrations. I had expected a few hugs, and we wish you wells, and maybe possibly a card at the last Whānau Group meeting.. what I got.. was what I had cosmically wished for.. my very own pounamu.

I literally could not stop smiling the rest of the day. Each piece has a spiritual meaning, and the one that I was given signifies strength, confidence and triumph during times of adversity. I am not an overly spiritual person, but I really do feel a calming presense wearing this. It was given to me over a week ago, and I seriously don’t know if I will ever take it off.

Honestly, I know New Zealand and Australia have all been about new experiences, but being presented with this, and getting to know the Whānau group, and saying  goodbye to my New Zealand Whānau (who I have been informed will now be my Whānau (family) for life) will be something I remember forever.

I know I don’t look very happy in the picture above.. I’ve just finished packing and organising my room… but I wanted to be able to provide a visual of the gift that I love.

I will write soon about my feelings about leaving the city that I have called home for the past year or so.. until then.



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