The Return to Seattle

21 09 2012

Now I know I am supposed to be writing about all that was SE Asia and its amazingness, I am finding myself wanting to write about the present.  Don’t fear faithful few readers, I will eventually write about Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, i just might take me a few years lol.

Also “Item’s I have learned today” may eventually have to come to a close as I am back at home and obviously already know everything (kidding, kidding).

For this entry it will read – “things I previously hadn’t noticed about America”

– Pedestrians really do have the right away.  I was thanked the other day for stopping and letting a car turn as I was crossing the street.. that wouldn’t happen anywhere else (or more specifically in SE Asia).. if you don’t stop… you get hit… end of sentence.. full stop.

-People take ‘National Pirate Day” VERY SERIOUSLY over here

-On a bus or in a coffee shop it’s considered perfectly natural to scream your conversation even if you are only sitting a few feet away from the person you’re talking to.  Appparently it’s very important to make sure that everyone around you can hear your entire conversation. Yesterday I learned all about how to write a non-fiction book, the best techniques in creating lesson plans, as well as the juicey gossip of some 16 year olds love life.  Good times.

Angkor Wat and I

Angkor Wat and I

It is now day 4 for me back at home.  For some reason I thought it would be hard for me to adjust, it’s not like I don’t miss New Zealand and Australia (because I do.. a lot), but surprisingly I am OK with being at home.   I have managed to go to the doctor, renew my drivers license, get re-connected to world (as all of my technology.. i.e. my i-touch and netbook could not handle SE Asian heat), and do a bit of necessary shopping.

This weekend.. the job hunt begins.  This is what I have been avoiding for the last two years.  I worked while down under, but the jobs I had were designed just to save money to travel, I wasn’t bothered about how they would look on my resume and what they could lead to next.  Now everything changes.  I also need to start working on my cover letter.  I am horrible at talking about myself (it might seem hard to believe if you have read a few entries of my blog, but it’s true.)  So to try to convince a potential employer how amazing I am in a few short paragraphs when I am not so great at selling myself is going to be an interesting feat.

The apartment hunt will also begin soon, but first comes the employment one.   Originally I was worried about having to rush to find a place to take my cat back.  I have a ragdoll named Sam that my friend Pam and her husband took in.  Now I love Sam, but he has become an outdoor cat.  Whatever place I find, I guarantee it will not have some outdoor area that I would feel comfortable letting Sam explore.  He has also come to feel at home with Pam and her husband Paul, so when they emailed they other day saying that if I wasn’t able to take him back they would be OK with keeping him, I was some what relieved.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love Sam, and I would love to have him back, but I was worried about the transition, and I know he his happy with his new family, and most importantly.. I can go visit!

I almost forgot the joys of moving and starting all over again.. it’s not so much fun. But the plus side is that I am surrounded by friends and family who are making it all a bit better piece by piece.  It’s strange to be back in Seattle after living away for the last two years.. but I must say at the moment it’s quite nice to be home (although I am just waiting for the travellers bug to kick back in).

Will keep everyone posted.. and wish me luck!



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