About ME

It has been quite a bit since I have worked on a website/had a blog/what have you, but as I decided to leave the US (in Sept 2010)  to go to Australia for a year and now New Zealand for a year, I figured I may as well start one back up again.

We will start with the basics –

Name : Maria

Why I decided to travel:  I basically decided that now is the time to go while I still have the time, energy and resources to do so.  I am honestly the most happy when I get a chance to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and try new things.

How I felt about leaving the USA:  Freaked OUT!  One of the main reasons I freaked out was due to the fact that I am a TOTAL planner.  I moved over here with NOTHING lined up.  I had no idea really where I wanted to live in the city and no friends.  It  was  just slightly unnerving.

But some how, I got here, I found a home, I made some friends, and survived.  And now I love it.  This blog talks about  my path here and the stories so far in Australia/New Zealand

My magic skills on the 4th of July - Sparkler Love

My magic skills on the 4th of July – Sparkler Love

That’s me.. in a very very basic nutshell… I’m sure there will be a lot more details to come 🙂

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